A Powerful 15 Minute Guided Meditation

Allowing Has Nothing To Do With Permission And Everything To Do With Respect

As children, we grow up waiting for permission from others in authority to do things like leave the table, spend the night as a friend’s home, or go on a filed trip. This is a system that has a power dynamic, born from a place of insuring safety and instilling respect.

Economy 2010 – Fall Off Or Climb The Mountain

I don’t have to tell you that the economy is more than a little hard to deal with these days. Jobs are being lost, whole businesses are going under and people are scared. It is tough to know what to do. One thing is for sure and that is that you just cannot hunker down and hope the whole thing blows over soon. You have to work smart and make yourself indispensible whether you are an employee or the boss. Putting your head down and limiting your visibility seems like it might be a way to escape under the radar but it is not. It makes people wonder what you do all day. The people who are out there, doing their work well are the ones getting recognition and they are getting a reputation as being an asset to the company and to customers.

The Innermetrix Disc Index for Speeding Up Personal and Professional Growth

The Innermetrix Disc Index is a modern interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s behavioral dimensions. Marston mapped out four quadrants in the behavior of a person that help to understand behavioral preferences. The Disc Index is very useful to understand behavioral style and how to maximize their potential.

How To Use Your Personal Powers

Whether you believe it or not: we all have personal powers that make us powerful beyond means. You might not have physical strength like superman or the genius of Einstein but you have the power to think, believe, feel, act and say what you want.

Five Steps to Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Has it been a while since you thought about your emotional intelligence abilities? What about your relationships building abilities? How are you doing? If everything is perfect then do not bother to read this article. If, however, you are like most of us, you could use a little help now and then. The wonderful thing about emotional intelligence is that we never stop learning and can increase our emotional intelligence throughout our lives. We always have the choice to learn more and to improve ourselves – what an exciting way to live! Here are some things you can do to work on increasing your own emotional intelligence.

The Conscious Woman

Do you ever feel like you are going around in an unconscious fog? I distinctly remember one time when I arrived home after my sixty minute commute and telling my husband, half joking, that I had no idea who I had hit on the way home. Honestly, I could not remember what had happened from the time I drove out of the parking lot until I turned into my driveway. Now, that’s scary. I am not suggesting that we live that way all of the time but I am suggesting that we spend an awful lot of time living unconsciously. What do we need to do to get present?

What Does Emotional Intelligence Mean For You?

We are all pretty aware that the coin on the realm of business these days is relationship building and maintenance. Businesses in this economy rely on relationships with clients to keep going and to grow. Those with great customer service do better than those without. Customers are very in tune with how they are being treated and they vote with their feet – and money. All of that speaks to the need for high emotional intelligence in business people. What is it and how do you get it? The good news is that you can learn to increase your emotional intelligence. Let’s find out more about this.

Your Personal Powers

Whether you believe it or not: we all have personal powers that make us powerful beyond means. You might not have physical strength like superman or the genius strike of Einstein but you have the power to think, believe, feel, act and say what you want.

Flipping the Script – Finding Gratitude in Alzheimer’s

I am grateful for my mother and the honor to be on this journey with her as she courageously navigates her life with Alzheimer’s. Finding ways to be grateful during this journey is imperative for the caregiver and the loved one with Alzheimer’s. Gratitude reduces the stress and makes room for precious moments of joy. I encourage you to also take a snapshot of the ways you too can be grateful on your sacred and unique Alzheimer’s caregiver journey.

Belong to Your Life

A girl first time visits her parent’s house after two days of her marriage, and she says, ‘there, it happens like this’. The same girl when came after two months, she says, ‘it happens like this in our side’, and after six months the words changed in ‘we do like this at our place’. This is called belongingness. Do we belong to ourselves? Whatever we do, we speak, view or hear, do we belong to the same? The girl in example has taken six months for belongingness. How much time would we take to belong to our dreams and our lives?

Character Saves Life

If the world has been changed, it is not by the intellectual or the dictators. The world has seen its new pages of beauty and prosperity by the men of character, a good character.

Social Skills – Living and Surviving in Society

From the time we are very young we begin to learn the basics in social skills, which are, learning how to live with, communicate with, and get along with the people around you. If you have siblings, those basic skills come into play quite quickly; sharing of toys and sharing a room with a brother or sister.

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