A Positive Morning Guided Meditation

Transform Yourself Into A New You Today

Move on from your divorce. Don’t let your divorce define you. Change into the woman you deserve to be.

Competence Leading to Improve Personal Life

Do you have the competence to improve your everyday living and overall humane existence, or do you lack this quality? To improve personal living you have to find competence to take control.

You Want to Serve Others? Give to Yourself First!

Are you giving to others, just to find that you are always giving, giving, giving… and never receive anything back? Does this make you feel unworthy, misunderstood? Well, in this article, I am suggesting that you should first give to yourself, to fill yourself up, and that, even if this sounds selfish, it is an act of Love for you and for your loved ones!

Transformations Via the Tube

I’ve had an ‘interesting’ fall with lots of changes. Good change… but even positive change requires some integration time. While not a big T.V. watcher generally, I’ve found myself cocooned in front of the tube (or more accurately my laptop screen) as the days have grown shorter and darker… being a voyeur on other people’s transformation experiences.

Follow the Threads to Weave the Fabric of Your Life Purpose

Your essence, the pulsation of Spirit through you, brings you the desire to fulfill your life purpose. Each person has a unique expression, and, therefore, unique life purpose desires.

4 Tips to Forget About What Others Think

Many people limit themselves based on the fear of what other people will think or say about them. These self-limitations can be destroyed with a little practice of developing a new mindset.

Thoughts From The Box – “Puerto Rican Ransom”

What would you do if someone approached you and asked you to give them all your money? What would you do?

Not Your Responsibility

You know how when you go up to somebody (say at your job) and you ask that person to help you with something and they politely refuse you with a statement such as, “That’s not my responsibility”? Or somehow indicate to you that what you’re asking is not covered in his or her job description? Well, this is not the kind of ‘Not Your Responsibility’ that I’ll be talking about today.

No Condition Is Permanent

In 2004, I opened a BBQ restaurant which I named Herman T’s Smokehouse after my grandfather Herman T Jones. I was delighted to create some of the food and recipes that I had learned from him as a child growing up.

Correcting Course – Take Back Control of Your Life

After finishing university, or college, you get your first ‘real job’. Sometime after this you begin to accept certain things. Things you would of never considered accepting earlier in your life. We become so realistic. Things that are ‘dead certs’ become your best friends. You start to dress a bit more like your dad (or Mom). You start to put a little bit of weight on, but that’s not so bad – you’re tired. Besides, the bloke who sits next to you in the office is twice your size…

What Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Etc Can Teach Us About Success

Surprising lessons from 6000 years of corporate research on what separates winners from losers in turbulent times. And the best part you can apply these to your own life.

The 10 Ingredients That You’ll Need To Know In Order To Achieve Success In Life And Business

There are no keys to success. There are no locks to success that need to be opened. There are INGREDIENTS that need to be blended and a recipe to follow to create a successful life. As in cooking everyone will always add that little something of their own to the recipe to make it special and successful. Success really has an open door policy and it’s up to us just to walk on in and get what we dreamed of.

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