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8 Tips To Overcome Procrastination

Everyone has dealt with procrastination at some point in life. It’s human nature to put off the things that they don’t enjoy.

Reinvent Yourself Through New Habits

You have the ability to reinvent yourself through new habits and improve your lot in life. The process begins when you retract into yourself, re-examining and adjusting yourself to implement changes that will define a new you. The process starts with you and at the end will be only about you.

Tips for Developing a New You

Development begins at birth and progresses through childhood into adulthood. Developing a new you will therefore not be spontaneous because habits are hard to break, but will require sheer will and a lot of hard work. It takes time and repeated doing to engrave a habit in our minds and subconscious; a corresponding consistent effort must be put in to erase the habit. Having a plan to monitor personal development is necessary in rectifying and modifying areas of weakness, hence developing a new you.

How to Find Consistency in Forming New Habits

New habits take time to set and become part of our psyche. Consistency in forming new habits needs lots of hard work and will power. Even though man is a creature of behavior, routines and habits, forming a new habit means disengaging that which was engraved in the mind and imprinting a new perception and thought process.

The Ultimate Ingredients To A Successful Life

This story represents keys to our vision development. The mind is able to focus on pictures that we can manifest in our lives. The story represents the ingredients we can use to develop our vision.

Joy and Success – How to Reach Inner Peace

This story has been told many times through the centuries in countless ways. It is the story of the hero, the villain and something worth fighting for. It teaches us of courage, willpower and determination in the face of adversity. It teaches us about life and what our lives can look like if we persevere. “What is taking you so long?” In this way life is defined as a delicate balance between being a hero-brave and determined, and being a princess-loving, gentle and caring, embracing all that is good and right in this world. To do this we must slay the dragons that stand in our path in order to find perfect balance, knowing when to be a conquering hero, and when to embrace life with the passion of a young princess.

Challenges and Choices

Every conversation that we hold presents challenges and choices. The biggest challenge is often whether to speak up at all. Many of us choose to be silent around sensitive or difficult topics in conversations, rather than face the possibility of conflict, embarrassment, feeling stupid or even damaging the relationship by saying what is on our minds.

Visualization Techniques for Reinventing Yourself

All things we implement are first conceptualized as thoughts. Visualization techniques for reinventing yourself help create the cast that will shape the outcome of our thoughts. They also contribute to the passion and energy in the pursuit of our dreams. Visualization will help you construct your reality and help you follow through to the fulfillment of your dreams. In other words, visualization helps you own up your dreams.

Parents Who Take Their Kids To School

It is either an honor or a chore to be responsible for dropping your kids off at school. The choice is truly yours. Strive to do things to capitalize on this time with your kids. This article applies to both moms and dads who take their kids to school.

Begin to Really Know Your Mind and Then Tell Your Stories!

The language of the subconscious mind is metaphor. Generally people prefer a good story far more than having to process a bucketful of facts. We first listened to stories as a child. They can easily relax us and a story can be memorable and transformative. What metaphors do you perhaps unknowingly use? Taking the time to understand your own metaphors for your life can pay huge dividends. They are powerful motivators. I invite you to spend a little time recalling the stories you loved as a child and then identify the metaphors that currently signify what you presently believe. Then ask yourself: Are they serving me?

To Change Your Life, You Must Change Your Life

To change your life, you must change your life. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Yet people, all over the world, live each day exactly the same and become frustrated when no significant change has taken place…

Too Much, Or Not Enough Repetition

Most parents, especially as their children grow up and get to their late teens to early twenties, can relate to this scenario. We identify something that we feel that our child urgently needs to do. From years of experience, we recall that a large percentage of the time when we have reminded them about something in the past, our suggestion was suggestion.

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