A New Season for Awakening & Growth (Spring Equinox Guided Meditation)


Nobody Has the Power to Define You

I would like to tell you a little true story that happened to me a few years ago. This event got me thinking and today I’d like to share with you what crossed my mind.

Unlearning Unlove

All human beings are born to love. As babies, we feel happy and thrive when loved and expect it and share it as the most natural thing. But then things happen and we sometimes learn otherwise…

Unfinished Stories Prevent Evolution

Human beings are constantly growing. When stuck, their development also stops.

5 Reasons Why You Should Find Your Personal Essence

Human beings are already unique upon birth. Identical twins, for example, are completely different persons already in their first hours of life, when they haven’t yet had a chance to learn or experience anything and thus develop different personalities. That difference, that uniqueness and singularity, affects the way they see the world and react to it. The reason behind this phenomenon is Personal Essence; that which we are upon birth that remains immutable and constant throughout our entire lives and gives us our unique personal point of view.

Why Not Live Vicariously Through Yourself?

Reality programming still appears to be all the rage today. It started with shows like Survivor, Sex & the City, Desperate Housewives and The Amazing Race, et al. They’ve all been on all the major networks.

Core Values: Self-Efficacy Shapes Reality

Making constructive change for growth a priority and targeting one self-efficacy deficiency after another is a formula for progress. Defeating one relevant false perception after another adds up. Choose the easy ones to start with to get some momentum. As time goes by a better you emerges and it is apparent, self-efficacy does shape reality.

How to Fully Understand Your Bible – 14 Tips

This article presents fourteen tips on how to fully understand your Bible. Despite what you’ve heard or experienced, it’s possible. What is more, you can enjoy reading the Word.

Discover Your Purpose – Identify Your Skills and Talents (5 Tips)

This article presents five tips to help you identify your skills and talents. They’re guaranteed to unlock valuable information that increases clarity – eliminating doubt or confusion.

Mirror on the Wall – How to See Beauty When You Look Into the Mirror

You look in the mirror. Your image looks back at you. But do you truly see yourself? Do you see your soul, your being, your humanity? Do you see the person behind the mirror? Most people don’t.

No Matter How Often You Revisit The Past, You Will Never Find Something New

Do you have a sentimental view of the past or is it mixed with guilt and regret? Contemplate the question closely because it will give you a glimpse into whether you are living with remorse or inspiration.

You’re Toxic

What happens when you start making unhealthy decisions? You just may be toxic.

Tending to the Impact of the Crisis at Our Southern Border

My heart has joined the millions of others who have been swimming through outrage, anguish, fear, and distress as the unfolding humanitarian crisis at our southern borders is becoming crystal clear. We KNOW the damage this is causing and it is heartbreaking. For those of us who are on the far side of the empath bell curve, this heartache can take a toll.

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