A New Day ~ A Fresh Start ~ Morning Meditation

Breaking Your Old Mindset

The mind is a very important thing to train. If you hone it right, you can accomplish almost anything. The most successful leaders in our time had the ability to train and set their mind in the most excellent way possible so they can go through the various challenges of life with new-found zeal and determination. Your mindset can also be changed for the better.

Reinvent Your Life by Changing What You Do Each Day to Create Your Future by Design

You can reinvent your life by making small changes to what you are doing in your daily activities. Read on to find out more about changing your life forever.

The Gift That Comes From Change

Many of us are all fearful of the concept of change. Why? Because it disrupts our level of comfort. We must all deal with it to maintain and achieve our success.

Are You Living Life to the Fullest?

This article will provoke you to question yourself daily as to whether you are living life the way you want to. I give a general view of how we allow life and our thoughts to box us in, what distractions we have, and a few techniques to start us to move towards living the way we want.

Survival Guide For the Dysfunctional – Tip – Two Wrongs Never Make a Right

We all make mistakes. What is the best way to fix our blunders in life? This tip that I learned from my dysfunctional family may help.

A Practical and Powerful 5 Step Process to Follow to Get You Finding Your Passions

Searching for ways to find your passion? Found a lot of motivational and enthusiastic advice so far, but no simple, straight-forward instructions?

Timeless Principles – Self-Control

In a lot of ways, self-control is similar to mildness. But there is one key difference. Developing mildness will essentially keep you cool while maneuvering your way through life’s inevitable stresses, and doing so requires a level of self-control, so the two qualities are linked.

Timeless Principles – Goodness

The principle of kindness and the principle of goodness have a lot in common. Both generally involve thinking of other people first: their thoughts, their feelings, their preferences. Giving people the basic dignity of treating them as you would want to be treated.

Timeless Principles – Mildness

Hopefully you don’t need me to convince you of the benefits of chilling out. It’s established scientific and medical fact that stress kills. Increased stress has been directly linked as either a cause or a contributing factor to heart disease, high blood pressure, headaches, body aches, depression, even some forms of cancer.

Timeless Principles – Kindness

It almost seems insulting to be talking about being kind. As if we need reminders to be kind to each other? What?

Memory Trauma

People experience memory trauma in a variety of ways: sexual abuse, war and violence to name a few of the obvious ones. There are also less obvious ones which are more in the form of phobias and irrational fears of certain things e.g. bananas. Trauma can also manifest itself in the form of erratic panic and anxiety attacks as well as depression. In these cases the sufferer often has no idea what has caused it and cannot recall any trauma at all. In the latter type the brain has repressed the original trauma and/or transferred the symptoms to something else for a variety of reasons.

Timeless Principles – Faith

Faith is inherently difficult to describe because if you can describe it concretely, your faith is not strong enough. At least, that seems to be the common understanding of faith. I happen to disagree.

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