A Morning Affirmation Guided Meditation for Positive Manifesting

Flower Essences For Growth And Well-Being

Today, we feel the demand of a changing culture. With the multitude of healing modalities and programs emerging at this time, it can be difficult to choose what will work best for us. By incorporating flower essence therapy into our daily practices we can strengthen our resolve to stay on our course of personal growth and healing.

How to Succeed With a Felony

This article gives advice to those who currently have felonies on their criminal background. It briefly goes over many of the hardships related to having a felony and then explains strategies for overcoming them.

Who Is Your Greatest Mentor and Why?

When you have the time or more importantly, make the time to sit and look back at your working life it can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. We are very often living a working life on a rollercoaster of deadlines, day-to-day pressures, constant learning, antagonism, internal highs and lows, frustration and responsibility. Then when we come home at night there are the pressures of family and responsibility. In a perfect world the coming home at night balances the workday pressures to provide us with the fuel to get up and go again the next day.

Don’t Fight Where You’re Led

If you knew, really KNEW, that God put you on earth for a specific reason and that you’re only mission in life was to get in touch with your passions and follow your heart to achieve everything you ever desired, would you follow your heart? Or would you fight it every step of the way and deny yourself?

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

“I’m scared to death!” Have you ever felt that way as you grow your business? I know that many of you look at the ‘successful’ entrepreneurs and tell yourselves that it’s easy for ‘them’.

Solving Problems 1

Life is full of problems, but these problems are not intended to kill man or wicked him, they are allowed by God to happen to man so that they can help man to develop his world. I have seen through history of man that every problem that came to humanity had been subdued, transportation problem had been dealt with by the provision of motor vehicles of different types, different types of ships and submarines, different types of airplanes. The problem of laborious hard work of using cutlasses and hoes had been settled by the invention of different types of modern farm implements…

How the Invisible Paymaster Works

God is happy to see that the world develops to a level where every human being receives the basic necessities of life. Anyone who contributes to make this happen for the people of this earth will be handsomely rewarded by the Invisible Paymaster. Anyone who commits his life towards helping people to realize the potential that God has put in them will receive blessings from the Invisible Paymaster.

Things Our Therapists Say

Currently, if you go to a social gathering or event, you will frequently hear the words “my therapist says… “, which often provokes empathy, curiosity, and maybe additional disclosure from others. Contrary to times past, you are very unlikely to face any awkwardness or judgment from people. Actually, some people think it’s cool.

Vulnerability Builds Business?

Making connections with clients and colleagues is and ongoing part of building a successful business. Have you ever had the experience of working with someone who seemed perfect – nothing seemed to ruffle their feathers or get in their way?

Spring Clean Your Life Today

Spring is often the time of year associated with new beginnings, change, and growth. Spring is also synonymous for the proverbial “spring cleaning” that involves cleaning out the quintessential hall closet (aka- the abyss of unused, “not-quite-sure-what to do with” things), the bedroom closet spilling out with clothes you haven’t worn in a year and shoes that you forgot you owned, and in some cases the entire house or apartment. This time of year there are numerous articles in magazines and lifestyle segments on the morning talk show circuit featuring professional home organizers espousing spring-cleaning tips to purge the unnecessary…

Asking Empowering Questions Triggers Personal Growth and Development

Your mind thinks in questions and answers. You are always, consciously or unconsciously, asking questions about everything. Wherever your focus is centered at the time, will determine what answers come up. You can train your mind to ask the questions that will produce empowering and resourceful answers. Resourceful answers stimulate personal growth and development.

Healthy Coping Strategies for Every Day Life

Life has many ups and downs. Sometimes our reactions to life leave you feeling hopeless, regretful, or guilty. Learning to add these coping strategies can reduce initial reactions and the negative emotions that come after the initial reaction.

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