A Meditation to Calm your Anxiety

Quarreling: A Problem or an Opportunity?

Sociologists who have studied relationships maintain that every committed couple fights the same three or four fights during the duration of their relationship. Whether it lasts a few months or many years, the couple comes back over and over to their disagreement about the same things. And they rarely resolve them! Don’t let your relationship fester or dissolve. Learn about the Phoenix Effect Process that can eliminate this never-ending misery.

Feelings and Attachments

Although the feelings and emotions are associated with human beings, yet it is more explicit with women. Women’s expressions of feelings and emotions are conspicuous by their attachment either to human beings or to worldly things. This is the inherent nature of women, and it is demanding and cherishable too.

Several Tips on How to Successfully Reinvent Yourself

A life without a sense of direction is a life on self destruct. A quick remedy to this kind of situation bordering on hopelessness is to reinvent yourself. Reinventing yourself can take place in many facets e.g. physically by joining a weight loss program, intellectually by making a decision to go back to college, or emotionally by improving how to relate with a spouse, family and friends.

How to Use Positive Self Talk to Reinvent Yourself

We are constantly talking to ourselves each day of our lives. This internal voice is ever speaking to us about ourselves, our friends, neighbors, things and the world at large. Positive self talk has to be practiced to impact the quality of your life. Every word that we conceptualize within ourselves and utter can be a reflection of our characters. Listening to the inner voice also referred to as intuition leads to a wise choice.

How to Break Unhealthy Habits Easily

It’s common to every one of us that we have a bad habit that we struggle to break but rarely are we successful. Whether the problem is physical, emotional or spiritual, breaking unhealthy habits can be a serious challenge. It calls for a lot of effort and determination or the status quo remains! The main concern here is unwillingness to get out of the comfort zone. Are you ready to break unhealthy habits?

How To Discover Your Transformational Value in 3 Easy Steps

You may firstly be asking yourself, “What is Transformational Value and Do I Truly Possess It?” The answer to that question is simply, “YES!” We all have Transformational Value is the priceless gift that we can offer to others. It is our story, our passion, our guidance, our understanding. Transformational Value is the set of circumstances and experiences in our lives that have Transformed us; that have melded us into the person we are today, that have changed our lives, saves our lives, created the lives we desire and deserve and made us the passionate person that is sharing value today! This Transformational Value is our own unique story, dialogue or knowledge that we can communicate to others that will help change their lives, build their dreams and transform them into the person that they desire to be.

Do You Have a Consistent Philosophy and Belief System?

The diversity of our ranks and beliefs, however, speaks volumes about us. We agree on a few key things and disagree about plenty. Most of us believe strongly in individual freedom, a small, Constitutionally-based Federal Government, individual responsibility and accountability, and low taxes. After some reflection and self-examination, that’s what incited and then propelled my journey. When I began comparing my personal beliefs and philosophies with my voting history, it created dissonance.

How To Love Yourself From The Inside Out

Are you struggling with body image? Your body image determines how you feel about your overall confidence, and your personal worth.

Maintaining Your Enthusiasm Towards Success When There Are Struggles

It’s so easy to be enthusiastic when everything is rosy. But the real test comes when troubles arise. This is why you need to prepare mentally for those bumps and hard times, because they are sure to come about.

Get Motivated – No Excuses

Being motivated determines success or failure, no doubt about it. But knowing this doesn’t make motivation that much easier. If you are having issues with motivating yourself, then you need to get with it today.

How To Achieve Your Dreams Now

Are you one of those people who is waiting for the perfect moment in life to make your dreams come true? So many people do this all of the time. They don’t give themselves permission to be happy until just the right time

Let Go And Forgive Others

It’s a noble thing when you can learn how to forgive, and let go. You’ll develop peace with yourself, and not become bitter. Even though the benefits are great, it’s not the easiest thing to do.

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