A Healing Sleep Guided Meditation

The Shadow – Revealing Your Unknown Face

Just beneath your threshold of consciousness lies hidden a negative self, an opposite that the ego represses, keeping the soul in a state of slumber and the mind in a veil of darkness. The eminent psychologist Carl Jung called this “unknown face” the shadow. Learn how to unveiling your shadow and become aware of your unconscious projections and suppressed anger.

Why We Need to Learn Accelerated Learning Techniques

Some professors would say that the core of accelerated learning technique is internalizing the date with the use of the elements of life. There is no use of force or manipulation to get the best of the technique. Commonly, teachers would just combine life’s elements and they can now bring the most out of the data without getting bored at all. Every student is getting a great deal of knowledge while learning in a very comfortable environment.

Overcoming Emotional Eating: Go Ahead, You Deserve It!

If you struggle with emotional eating, you already know the ups and downs. You’re “good” one day, eating only the foods you’re allowed, eating the proper portions, following the rules. Then you’re “bad” the next, breaking all the rules and setting off the cycle of disappointment and self-punishment.

Hold Me Tight – Book Review

Hold Me Tight is the best book I have ever read on couples therapy because unlike a lot of other books, it makes sense and it works. Sue Johnson is an Ottawa-based professor and relationship therapist who noticed that traditional therapies often didn’t work. Instead of persevering with the old ways or blaming herself, she went back to the drawing board and came up with a new model.

Secrets to Building Unshakable Confidence

I believe one of the biggest gold mine in life is found in your local grave yards. They are full of dead people who never realised their full potential. Dreams and goals were never achieved because of self doubt and lack of confidence to take the steps that would have led them to achieve every bit of success that was waiting for them. Its not who you are that holds you back its who you think you are.

What Is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life? That my friend is the question. It is a question that has not only plagued me but most humans since our inception.

Why I Am Grateful to Be a PMI Volunteer

Not many people, including members and non-members, know that the Project Management Institute (PMI) is supported by volunteers from across the world. That was my case when I joined PMI in 2005; I did not know that I would act locally; supporting the local chapter, and globally being part of communities of practice and participating in projects with global reach.

Which Is Harder: MAKING a Change or SUSTAINING the Change?

In my many years as an addictions nurse, I have always said that the hardest thing to do is to GET clean – to make the change and give up an addiction – and that it is much EASIER to maintain the change by staying clean one day at a time. So which is harder – making a change or sustaining the change?

The Effect of Fear on Our Ability to Embrace Change

Fear is the great opponent to any kind of change. It is hard to embrace change, and so much easier to push for the familiar. The price of fear is the loss of opportunity.

The Balancing Act of Life – In Love

I recently rediscovered a list of Dos and Don’ts about keeping your Life in balance. I don’t know where this list originated, but I believe the messages really don’t change, no matter the years that pass.

Connecting and Healing With the Dolphins

What’s on your bucket list? More and more people are having amazing experiences playing with and being “zapped” by positive and loving dolphin energy. Did you know that dolphins offer powerful transformations through their joyful play; healing physical and emotional issues, raising consciousness, and uplifting our hearts, minds, and spirits! I love being up close and personal with these magical angels of the sea in both captivity and in the wild. Are you ready to allow the dolphins to assist you to transcend ordinary reality, tapping into 5th dimensional (or higher) planes of existence that are pure radiant love, joy, and compassion? Dolphins remind us that living in fear, expressing blame, hurt, and judgment is a choice we make that transforms and dissolves in higher vibrational energy. Through this expansive thinking/emotional state, we become more aware of what positive, brilliant, magical Beings we truly are! When we feel the dolphins’ uplifting energy, sonar, and playfulness, we connect with our own Higher Self and playful nature that is naturally intuitive and open to creating the world of our dreams!

Releasing the CHAMPION in You

Everyone is born a champion. Including YOU! Yes, bad times in life are inevitable. So are good times. Here’s the deal. You can’t choose where you come from. You can’t choose everything that happens to you in the journey. There is a world of free will swirling around you and there will be some collisions along the way. It is just fact. BUT, and I say that word boldly, where you are going is ultimately up to you.

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