A Guided Meditation Filled with Divine Love

Freedom of Spirit

Have you ever wondered what it is that truly makes your spirit free? Some believe it’s that dream job with better pay and prospects that is the highway to freedom. Others feel liberated in finding their other half. And some want the government to step in and free them from their mortgage and tax payments! Real freedom is not about running off into the country or buying a plot on the moon. It is about freeing oneself from one’s internal demons or negativity.

How to Overcome Old Hurts of the Past and Transform Your Life

So many people hang onto the hurts of the past. Did someone say unkind things to you when you were twelve? Did your boyfriend or girlfriend break up with you in an unloving way? Did your parents treat you in a less-than-kind manner? Did an employer let you go without explanation? Are you holding onto these experiences, and do you feel it might be time to transform them so you can be free to live your life without resentment and hurt? Read on to find powerful ways to transform your mind and your life.

Don’t Ignore This Message of Peace: It Could Change Your Life!

Unhealthy habits and the burdens of life often leave us feeling anything but peaceful. A commitment to peace is exactly the remedy that is needed to heal the physical and emotional illnesses we face. Accurately assessing our current condition and setting attainable goals to improve allows us to change our course and find personal peace. It starts with commitment and resolve to live the 8 Virtues.

Do I Have Tolerance?

Yesterday, I had a wonderful conversation with a neighbor about shortcomings and how each one of us deals with them. It is so true that sometimes we just don’t know how good we have it, until we here someone else’s story.

Showing Gratitude – How to Be a More Grateful Person

Did you know that the happiest people live with gratitude? Everyone can learn to develop a mindset of gratitude. This article gives four specific ideas for living life with gratitude.

Men Aren’t Afraid To Ask Questions

Asking a question is a seemingly easy task, but not for a man. We don’t ask for directions or need help finding things in a store. We do it ourselves and that’s the way we like it. But sometimes it’s much smarter and more productive to just ask a question that you cannot find the answer to on your own.

Success Means Doing Something

Success means doing something. Action creates success. Some people talk about what they are going to do. Other do it. Here are some simple tips to help you get rolling.

Creating Change: How Do You Know It’s Time For Change?

Most of us don’t pay attention to the clues presented to us that we could greatly benefit from change until it is too late. We reach a point of crisis, react, and then go back to the pre-crisis way of doing things.

Why People Avoid Coaches – Part 2

You might believe that all life coaches are fakes and charlatans. Certainly without one central body overseeing the profession and with no national or international requirement to register, there are a number of people offering coaching services who have no more abilities in the field than my great-granny, who died long before the concept existed. However, does that mean you trust none of them?

Why People Avoid Coaches – Part 3

There are several reasons that you might use to dismiss any offer of life coaching which stem from seeing logistical problems and giving up, possibly by rationalising that it wasn’t important anyway. Certainly it might show a lack of desire if we give up at the first hurdle but if the change we want to make is important enough to us then we should be able to find a solution to each of these issues.

You Are the Brand – Part II

In my first article on branding, I put forth the argument that whether we like it or not we brand ourselves, based (primarily) on the way we work and the manner in which we work with others. We’re known for the value we bring to others, primarily in the form of the kinds of relationships we forge in those interactions. I propose that you’re known for something. The question becomes: What are you known for? What value do you offer? When people see you coming, they see a brand. Your personal brand should be just as important as it is for Nike or Starbucks or Nordstrom.

Five Steps to Increase Joy and Reduce Guilt

Your relationships are at stake. As long as your heart is beating, you can do something about them. But what if your opportunity to affect your relationships ended… right now?

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