A Guided 5 Minute Morning Meditation

Real Stress Relief Solution: Are You a Stressed Out Workaholic or a Hyper-Performer?

Learning to understand the difference between being a stressed out workaholic and a hyper-performer is important in learning to manage your work-stress, and in managing your stress and finding stress relief! Learn the characteristics of both of these work personalities.

Thoughts, Thinking Processes and What These Reveal About Beliefs Held In The Subconscious Mind

Thoughts reveal so much about what goes on in the subconscious mind. This is because thoughts are directed by the beliefs which are stored in this aspect of the mind. Make a commitment to delve deeper so you can identify and eliminate all beliefs and thought processes which may be stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

Your Actions Are Revealing Your Heart

It has been said that whatever is within you will eventually reveal itself. As you go through life, your actions uncover your inner thoughts and motivations. Your true self is (or will be) displayed for all to see.

How To Know Which Emotions Are Real

If you tell someone they are stupid and insult them, different people will react differently. Some will take it personally and feel bad, others will get aggressive and reply in kind. However, if you give anyone love and positive emotions, everyone will react the same. There are always exceptions, but three headed twins are rare and to be treated with different rules.

Practical Neuroscience Approach to Personal Mastery

Practical neuroscience is the pathway to greater self-awareness of your potential for personal mastery of life. Few people know the practical neuroscience principles and practices behind learning with ease, thinking imaginatively and logically, solving problems quickly, working happily, communicating effectively and making decisions accurately. Knowing how your brain is wired and what makes you tick is the first step toward personal mastery.

How to Create Structure in Your Life

A Basic Need is something we require for our well-being such as food, sunlight, companionship, water and in my opinion these needs are not negotiable because these are things we cannot live without, literally. But let’s face it, sometimes we get so caught up our busy lives in trying to get ahead and keep up with everyone around us that we lose sight of these basic needs and start to feel not so happy and healthy.

You Can’t Unscramble an Egg

We’re nearing the end of the year and it’s a great time to look both ahead and back. November and December are my favorite months of the year, precisely because I do exactly what I’m suggesting in this eCARD. I reflect on the year that’s quickly passing and I look ahead to what I want to accomplish in 2012. What’s done is done. I can’t change the things that happened this year. But I can learn from them and work hard to make the next year better by applying the lessons learned, good and bad. Here a few musings you might find helpful as you prepare for the year ahead…

New Energy – Old Energy

We may be feeling a little down, or things may be drastically changing in our lives. This article will give you some insight and direction in your life.

Control Dramas

Control Dramas are how we compete with other people for our emotional energy. Control Dramas are our sub-conscious way of gaining emotional power from and over other people. How we control the emotional energy that flows between people is a sub-conscious drama that is learned from an early age.

Determining Personal Success – How to Determine Your Success

Becoming successful can involve a number of factors, so how can you ensure you correctly map your path to personal success? And what are the things that you need to do in order to become successful? Becoming a success could be the dream of most people, and there has been many that have written about the subject. So what are some of the key attributes and habits that can assist in determining your success? One of the things that could help you to find success is the adopting of new habits.

Self-Growth and Limiting Beliefs

Self-Growth is held back by limiting beliefs. It is when we become aware of our limiting beliefs and begin to question them that we continue to grow. Read and find out how limiting beliefs restrict the full dimension of people and need to be challenged in order to introduce growth producing change.

How Perfectionism Undermines an Athletes Performance

Sometimes we get in our own way. Do you know what I mean? Recently I have been working with one of the contestants for Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars.

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