A Good Morning Meditation [Just 10 Minutes to Start your Day]

Who Is Really in Control of Your Life?

You might be thinking, what a ridiculous question! “Who else is – or could be – controlling my life if it isn’t me?”

Training The Brain To Motivate Yourself

Motivation is a force that drives each individual to a goal. It brings self-reward for a job or task well done, and represents our own internal incentive to do more and better each day. It is possibly the single biggest factor that makes the world move forward.

Values – Asking the 53 Whys

Everyone has values and if we can work and play in alignment with our own particular value-system then we will be happier and have one less source of stress. This article looks briefly at what values are and how to discover them for yourself.

Going In Style

What I most remember of Aunt Rosa is how she always made me feel: “Full of Life, Joy and Gratitude!” – She used to say that was the whole point of being alive.

A Life Full of Delight

The world is such a wonderfully diverse place. There are so many options to choose from! We each have the potential to custom design our lives to be the perfect representation of who we are and to fill our lives with the things that bring us pleasure!

Fear – 3 Approaches

Fear is something we all are aware of and experience. Different things will trigger it and we might respond in various ways, but it is not something foreign to any of us. Think briefly about how much it affects what you do, or even controls you. You might even have heard people say, “you can do much more without those constraints”, and they’d be right. We can probably all deal better with our fears to gain more from life. This article looks at three possible ways of reacting to our fears.

Explore, Experiment, and Evaluate Your Way Into an Unconventional Life

I suspect that if you’re like me, you want your life to be exceptional. Normal and ordinary just won’t do! Creating this kind unconventional life comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Don’t Let Gratitude Confuse You!

Do you feel gratitude? How about satisfaction? Do you see the two as being more or less the same thing? If you do, we’d urge you to change your thinking – and here’s why.

Hypergraphia and Writer’s Block: Opportunities for Journal Writers

Everyone’s heard of the phenomenon called Writer’s Block, but do you know about its opposite, the condition called Hypergraphia? Though at extreme ends of the inspiration spectrum, both these states can contribute to a healthy writing life.

How People Define Etiquette

Etiquette is the behavioral code of mankind. The answer to “what is good etiquette” may vary according to the nation, religion, society, educational background and many more. But the general rules of etiquette apply equally to everyone without any discrimination. This will promote love and respect among people.

Do You Think It’s Your Right To Be Happy?

It is without doubt that the words of the second sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence are perhaps some of the most famous ever written – even to Brits like Carole and me! We would argue, though, that these words are also some of the most widely misunderstood – that is, at least the last three are.

Proper Etiquette – How Should I Act?

Etiquette is something that has been going on for a very long time – from respecting our elders and so on in Bible Days. In this day and age, it has changed from its original form but it’s base is still the same. What is etiquette but showing respect to those around us and caring for people enough respect their opinions whether we believe in them or not.

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