A Daily Guided Meditation

Perception: Your View of Your Life

Perception allows us a different view of our situations and life, and therefore gives us the opportunity to see something new or differently about ourselves. Why is that important? One reason is if you only look at yourself and your life from inside yourself then you really do not have a full picture of who you are in the world. We all need to see ourselves in the big picture of life.

Dick Cheney’s New Book: ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir’

This article is an analysis of Dick Cheney’s personality traits, how they informed his worldview, and how they both helped and hindered his career. More importantly, we use this examination as a way for readers to examine themselves, and the forces at play within them.

A Foundation for Success! Lifelong Learning

What is it about getting older that so many of us lose the enthusiasm and vigour of youth? Our energy to new approaches is tarnished with blemished past views of failures, losses or worse than anticipated results. How can we transform this ‘barely working’ energy into successful business and passionate people and services?

Interpreting the Dream in Psychotherapy: The Boeing 747 Dream

There are many different ways to understand dreams: traditional and contemporary methods, and intuition, but more than anything a dream is a communication with something to say. Self-dream analysis may be effective, but it is unlikely that the deeper messages of the dream world will be forthcoming unless you work with an experienced and preferably gifted dream practitioner. A therapist, counselor or inner guide should be able to help you to monitor your dreams effectively and fruitfully and enter into an ongoing relationship with the unconscious that can be an unexpected treasure of wisdom in your life.

The Matrix Choice: Red Pill? Blue?

The challenge is posed to see whether or not you want things to remain the same, the same as Neo in The Matrix. In some ways, the choice is basically about choosing fear or love. Learn how to use this question, is my motivation fear or love, to assess your life.

Falling Down and Making Mistakes Is What Helps Us to Grow

I remember, as a young man, my father used to offer me advice and direction. As great as his intentions were, I never realised that he was speaking from a standpoint of experience and wisdom and that he only wanted to help me avoid, making the same mistakes that he had made. On many occasions, I ignored my father’s advice and encountered numerous challenges and obstacles, which I could have avoided, had I had the foresight to realise that my father’s experience gave him an advantage and a far greater opportunity to be correct.

Live a Full Life: 10 Keys to Fulfillment

The secret to life is living life to the fullest. Many modern minds have hunted and gathered knowledge as to what will make our existence more satisfying. In this article I will share ten keys to living life to the fullest.

Thoughts Are Things and Their Effect Upon Your Life

A friend handed me a book she thought I just had to read. The Source Field: Investigations by David Wilcock, according to my friend, contained discussions of research that supported what we did in the energy medicine field. As I was reading the introduction, my eye was caught by the phrase “thoughts are things.”

Emotional Eating Solutions: Asking for Help – Why It Might Not Be Helping

Cycles of emotional eating, overeating and stress can be hard to break. Asking for help can make a big difference in finding emotional eating solutions.

My Name Is FEAR

I reside mostly in everyone’s heart or chest area. Sometimes I hang around at the jaw or the pancreas. I’m always around somewhere, playing hide and seek with you. When you find me, I immediately go into hiding again. Seriously, in the history of mankind no one has ever gotten rid of me, that includes you.

Guidance to Discovering a Talent

Many people grumble that they have a very low salary. They are not happy with their job or they are not enjoying their job, then they should rest assured and acknowledge that they are in the wrong profession and their talent does not suit their profession.

Easy to Use Technique to Eliminate Nervousness and Tension

One of the vital ingredients of these methods is to make connections between the brain, the body, and the nervous system, encouraging good bio chemicals and hormones to flow, whilst ridding our body of its unwanted toxic hormones. By creating good vibrations, we are creating something called endorphins in the body which are the positive hormones and a good feel factor.

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