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A Very Important Attribute to Practice for Personal Growth

What is one attribute that you should practice in order to continue to grow personally (and even professionally)? You do not have to be an “expert” to understand on why this attribute is essential. Instead, you should practice this habit and you will reap the benefits of personal growth.

For All Single Parents: Five Ways to Get On With Living

Breaking up with a spouse or boyfriend should not be viewed as a devastating experience. On the contrary, it should be viewed as a liberating one. If you were to take a step back, to take a deep breath, and to reflect on how the circumstances fell in place that led up to the break up you will have to admit that you saw it coming. You may have resisted accepting it because of fear of being alone and having to start all over, but if the relationship had been characterized by constant arguments, demeaning language, and consistent lack of cooperation, then the absence of this type of stress should be well received. It is indeed time to get on with living.

Your Relationships – In Balance!

Here we are not just talking about romantic relationships, but all of our relationships, family, friends and lovers! To live in harmony with others we have to have balance of openness and understanding within our selves first! We can love someone with all of our heart, but if there is no reciprocal balance of openly giving and receiving, it will never be in harmony.

The Curse of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a curse. It is not something we are born with, it is something that we learn to hold dear as we grow through childhood into adulthood. Despite appearances perfectionism does not spur us to be better but creates a deeply held feeling of failure and inadequacy. Find out how to let go of your need to be perfect.

Growing Up And Learning

Life will never be same if you have something to do about it. When you know your life to be in at a certain level, the only thing that can change that level is when you do something about it. It is up to you to shape the path life takes you.

Letting Go of Your Painful Past

Our past can influence so much of our present and future. How we live our life, the choices we make can all be influenced by our past life to date. Here are some ways to understand and let go of a painful past in order to live more positively from now on.

The Importance of Pressure

We all at times find ourselves in pressure situations. Exams and interviews are two examples of times when we have to perform at our best. Pressure can provide the adrenalin required to deliver well. Read here about the importance of pressure.

Let Emotions Enrich Your Life

Emotions are part of the richness of life. They add colour and texture to the events of our lives. Our celebrations would be flat and tasteless without the bubbles of joy exuding from our soul.

How to Improve Concentration by Learning Focus

Almost everyone at some time or another has trouble concentrating. This difficulty does not allow you to complete tasks on time or sometimes at all. It also leaves you feeling disoriented and overwhelmed.

Maximize Your Performance

Do you ever experience inconsistent performance? How about lags in performance? Does your motivation or energy for the job at hand ever flag? If you experience these things you are perfectly normal but don’t you wonder how some people never seem to suffer from or succumb to such inconsistencies? Wouldn’t it be great to have some way to get back on track when you feel yourself slowing down?

Brain Science and Your Success

Our brain is our greatest ally and our greatest detractor. It plays a pivotal role in our successes and in our failures. It is wired magnificently to help us be both successful and safe and there- in lies the rub. When we are feeling threatened or unsafe rational parts of our brain shut down and we are left with only partial ability to be at our best.

Bring the Best

One of most delectable, exciting and tortuous loves is to love, really and truly love… somebody else’s wife. This heady mixture of agony and ecstasy is truly known to anybody who attains the right to hold power’s hand in a democracy.

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