A Beautiful 5 Minute Morning Meditation

Relationships – Looking in the Mirror

Each and every relationship is an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth. Relationships are often a reflection of how you are in your own life – how you treat yourself and what you feel you are worth.

Life Renewal – Breakthrough to a More Focused and Meaningful Life

In this article you will learn 6 steps that will support you in moving from an auto-pilot life to one of focus and meaning. You deserve a life of purpose that inspires you. One that feels truly your own and connected to your heart. Start reading now to begin the journey to the life of your dreams.

Healing the Past, Healing the Present

There have been a lot of breakthroughs in the field of sciences and technology. While there are a lot of absurd innovations, there are still some that are indeed very helpful and can be utilize d for a variety of purposes.

The Magic of Belief – Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

The following article was inspired after a long conversation with my son who is now in Australia (I live in Ireland) I had sent him a tiny little book called IT WORKS and I was so thrilled that not only had he read it ~ but he totally loved it. It has become like a friend to him. So I went back to look at the little book (IT WORKS) and then saw others similar in that they were written in unpretentious times ~ war times and still stand the test of time and all the changes and advancements.

How Chores Can Help You Learn Responsibility

When I was about three years old I started going to a babysitters. She was a super nice person, but she always had something for anyone to do that visited her house. I knew each day when I arrived that I was going to spend at least fifteen minutes on chores. It seemed like I’d just walk in the door and she would hand me a rag with instructions on how to dust.

Exploring Identity – Who Am I?

The author explores her self identity and explains the steps taken to conquer her childhoods old belief system. The question is asked “Who Am I” and the exploration of her old belief system and its affects on her childhood, teens, and young adult life.

8 Tips on How to Stay Positive in Life

Cry if you have to, but after that, get on with your life. Or better yet, know the secrets on how to stay positive in life.

Pegasus – A Memoir About Dream Image Work

This article is about Dream Amplification, or how to use associations to enhance your understanding of a dream. In relaying my dream, I mention a mythological figure that I was not completely familiar with in my conscious life. By doing some research, I show the surprising synchronicities that arose from the references on this figure, Pegasus, from an article I read on poetry. My article demonstrates the ways in which symbols in dreams reach beyond the personal unconscious into the repository of collective human consciousness, in this case specifically, Greek mythology. I discovered my unconscious mind knew more than I did by selecting this dream figure.

Effective Ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Negative thinking brings you nothing but stress and problems. Not only does it affect your mental health, but your physical health as well.

The Difference in Troubleshooting and Figuring Things Out

Have you ever undertaken to figure something out and managed to make it work, but were oblivious as to why it did? I did this today with my blog while changing the Permalinks. Jonathan sent me information on how to make Google pick them up and how to make them appear pretty so I proceeded to make the adjustments. After I modified them, the TweetMeme button on the posts had a question mark in it. When I clicked on it, the message said that there was URL redirect dilemmas.

Journaling With Your Inner Critic and Inner Coach

If you struggle with a tyrannical inside voice that constantly criticizes and won’t let you relax or get ahead, you can use your journaling practice to build up an Inner Coach. Just as ‘real’ as your Inner Critic, your Inner Coach can be relied upon to counterbalance the Critic’s paralyzing pronouncements.

4 Techniques to Control Your Emotions

When people get mad, they tend to do things that are way beyond the limits. Not all of us have the capacity to control our anger in a graceful manner. Temper is one of our enemies when we are stuck in an unpleasant situation; so emotional control would be of great help in situations like these.

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