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Do You Care What Other People Think of You?

Worrying about approval from others is an epidemic. Maybe even a pandemic. People aren’t dropping dead from it, but they are dying a little inside, every time they take action based on this fear. We only care about what they think because we believe it and it influences what we think of ourselves.

Living Your Passion And What May Be Holding You Back

Finding and living your passion is what life is about. What are the things that are keeping you from living the life that you want to live? There are no easy routes. It takes a lot of work to become who we are going to become and manifest the things that we desire.

From Vampires to Saints

Having just returned from a trip to Asia, I have been reflecting on my life here at home as compared to my recent experiences abroad. Now that I am home, I feel strangely dissatisfied. While I’m still coming to terms with these feelings, some recurring thoughts that may be contributing to these emotions are worth mentioning.

The Birth of Fear

We have inherited a world of guilt and fear. We are educated about it, programmed to identify with it, and taught to look for it. A perceptual lens has been handed to us, and because our head creates our world, we are now filtering everything through that lens of fear.

Basic NLP Assumptions For a Better Life

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of how the brain and language work together, has several basic assumptions called presuppositions that are good life guidelines. They help us understand our world better and they help us put things into perspective. When you begin to “get” these presuppositions you can make sense of the actions of others – and of yourself. Our brain is a magnificent organ and it does the best it can with the information it has at the time that we take action. This is basic to our understanding of human behavior. In this article I will present three of my favorite presuppositions – those that have had a great impact on my life and understanding. I hope they have a lot of meaning for you too.

The Chilean Miners – A Mythic Story of Shamans, the Subconscious Mind, and Healing

The story of the Chilean miners who descended into the earth and were ultimately retrieved and reborn – is a mythic tale. It’s fascinating and has the most profound meaning that’s inherent in all cultures and for all time. It’s a story about shamans or healers, about the underworld of the subconscious mind, about rebirth that even touches on the story of Jesus who rose from the dead. Interestingly enough, Chile has a deep tradition of Shamanism or healing and provided a perfect location for this mythic tale.

Get Unstuck By Embracing Change

Change is everywhere and is it coming at us faster than ever. We have to deal with it on a daily basis yet most people do not like change very much. It is unsettling and means they have to move into an uncomfortable place before then can get comfortable again. How about you? Do you dislike change or do you embrace change? Are you comfortable with it or are you uncomfortable with it? Do the circumstance of the change make a difference in how you feel about it? Does the complexity of the change make a difference in how you feel about it? There are lots of differences in change situations. Lets look at how you can manage it even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Multiculturalism in Our Midst

Globalization in our workplaces has become the norm. But more than that, internationalism is brought into the office through the workforce. You can walk into many offices and see people from lots of different cultures sitting next to each other and working together. It is also showing up in our cities and communities. I live in a big city and am use to seeing multiculturism downtown but only recently has it come to the outlying suburbs. It is a welcome situation. How does this impact how we relate to each other? How can we be respectful of other cultures and still maintain our own?

Don’t Tell Me You Can’t Afford One Book a Month

OK, you say you want to read, but you can’t afford a book every month. Don’t tell me you can’t afford 1 book a month! Skip a fast food meal a week and you’ll have a library in no time.

Getting Unstuck From Guilt

Guilt is a common but, in my opinion, pretty useless emotion. Let’s look at what the word guilt means. It can mean fault, responsibility, blame, remorse or shame. Most of those are not very comfortable places for us to be. When we feel guilty we feel we should do or should have done something to make a situation better. That is fine if we do something about it right away but usually we don’t or can’t and then we stew over it for a long time feeling what we call “guilty”. That kind of guilt does us no good.

Is Listening a Lost Skill?

It seems nobody is listening these days. When you watch television talk shows and news channels everyone is trying to out shout everyone else. Listen to Congressional proceedings or election campaigns and you hear the same thing. Nobody seems to have answers. They are just shouting. Have they forgotten how to listen? Or, if they do listen, they listen selectively, only hearing what they want to hear. What has happened to our ability to really listen to each other?

Life With Little to No Communication With Each Other

I had a response to my article on communication stating that the author thought ” talking to each other is over rated”. I was not entirely sure he was serious but I decided to take it as a serious comment because it provides so much food for thought. I am sure he did not mean that we should not talk to each other but rather that those of us who believe that talking, discussing and working through things are making too much of a good thing. I my article I was wondering what the future holds in term of communication excellence for the younger generations that are so hooked on texting, computer games, email, etc.

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