A 10 Minute Guided Meditation to Be at your Best!

What Are You Feeling Guilty About?

Guilt! A powerful emotion! A frequently felt one as well.

The Power of a Hug

Have you ever noticed, in city centers or other popular central places, people hugging each other? This is called the «Free Hugs» phenomenon. According to Virginia Satir, guru in family consulting, a person needs 4 hugs to survive, 8 hugs to sustain oneself and 12 hugs to be developed!

Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life

You are stuck in the road, on your way to a very important meeting. In front of you, there is an elderly man trying to start the engine of his limousine-like car. You are wondering…

Changing The Way You Speak Is Vital for The Betterment of Your Life

Have you ever gone for a job interview in which you met all the qualifications and you clicked with the interviewer but you were not chosen for the job? Or are you working behind the scenes (e.g., mailroom or another position that does not deal with the public) and you wish to be promoted to a position that is customer friendly (e.g., receptionist or sales representative) but you know there is no way you can get your desired position because of your speaking skills.

Book Power – The Importance of Reading Books

Books are treasures and living voices of great men and women. Its importance cannot be overemphasized; whenever we read a book, we are enlightened, educated and inspired. Books are powerful and equip us for greatness.

How Does Your Personal Vibration Affect Your Life?

From sunrise to sunset we are surrounded by waves, invisible frequencies that carry information in and around the world. About us, everything is oscillating. When it comes to your daily experience of energy, everyday reality presents you with another array of vibrations. In any ordinary day you move freely through energy which affects your physical body, your emotions and thoughts.

The Need for Goal Setting

A life without a purpose is a life without direction and its nothing but disaster going somewhere to happen. There is need for us to live our lives with a positive and purposeful attitude. Hence, the need for us to set goals for ourselves.

The Functions of Your Subconscious

The role that your subconscious mind performs is a very important but possibly underestimated role. The idea that we are creating the things that happen in our life by virtue of the things that we are thinking, and the conscious mind allows us to make choices that affect the results that we get in our lives. But in-order to gain much more from life it would be useful to have an understanding of the function of the subconscious mind. Having an understanding of the subconscious mind could be thought of as a very useful knowledge to have.

Key Steps to Personal Values Management

Life can be draining and life can also be energizing. Usually, when you experience a sense of energy and aliveness, your personal core values are in alignment with your current experience. When you’re feeling stifled or frustrated, it’s life telling you that something is out of whack. One of the best ways to live a life that is filled with lightness and peace is to ensure that you are aware of your personal core values and are living a life in harmony with those values.

How Do We Truly Live the Good Life?

Living the good life has been expressed by countless writers over millennia of time. The ideas and philosophy can be simply stated. Live as though you will live forever, yet live each day as though it is your last one. Emphasize creativity, freedom, self-direction and love. Always believe that you can overcome all obstacles, yet retain a sense of reality so that you don’t hit your head against a wall in frustration when you err in your judgment as to what you can accomplish. Be willing to shift directions, establish new goals, overcome frustration, know you can overcome barriers and that the light is always ahead no matter how dark it may appear at times.

How to Beat Procrastination With 5 Simple Action Steps to Use on a Daily Basis

Do you wake up every morning with a list of things you want to do or achieve throughout the day? Or even have a list of things you had to do from the day before or even a week before?

How to Grow As a Person – Evaluating Reasons Why People Hate You

It feels terrible to think that people hate you. Every time you think about it, you feel lonely, sad, abandoned, lost and depressed. Most of all, you wonder what you’ve done wrong. And you wonder how to evaluate why people hate you – so you can grow as a person and hopefully, people will like or even love you more…

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