90% of Your Problems Manifest Like This | It’s Time to STOP IT! [Satsang with Master Sri Akarshana]

Man in the Mirror – A Great Song With Even Greater Life Lessons

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Such an inspiration to so many people around the world and a hero to a generation of music lovers. He had charisma, personality, individuality, but I feel that most of all, the man had a good soul.

Do You Respond or React?

What’s the difference between responding and reacting? You’ve probably never thought about it much, I know I hadn’t until I really learned the difference.

You Deserve: A Guide to Self-Care

By acting as if you matter, you can persuade your brain that this is true. Self-care may be an unfamiliar concept but it forms an essential part of self-esteem and self-worth. Setting aside time for yourself, and visualizing enjoyable ways to spend it, is an excellent way to take care of yourself.

Lead Your Inner Scribe Into Positive Directions With These 21 Power Questions

When you talk your brain is always there to listen. What is it hearing? Positive reinforcement or punishing reprimands? Keeping your inner scribe productive and following a positive path requires that you be a resourceful and strong leader for yourself. One technique that helps you channel your own mind from the moment you wake up to the time your head rests upon your pillow is asking powerful questions. Here are some that will motivate your muse.

Six Tips to Becoming a More Confident Photographer

When you first jump into the world of photography it is both exciting and fun to embark on this new journey. Too often though, new photographers begin to feel discouraged or inadequate when comparing themselves to other more seasoned photographers. I always encourage photographers to quit the comparison game and start to really focus on yourself, your craft, and your skills. By taking the time to really work on yourself, you will find yourself on the road to becoming a more confident photographer.

Inspiration and Practical Advice From 19th Century Speaker Sarah Parker Remond

What can we learn from a high-achieving woman who happened to live during 19th-century America? Plenty! Looking at Sarah Parker Remond’s remarkable story, I imagine having a conversation with her about how she would advise us today — professionally and personally.

How Can I Let Go of the Past?

Ever feel like you could die from a broken heart or not able to let go of the past? It can be stifling to say the least, but you’re not alone. And that which does not kill you, definitely makes you stronger, and letting go is a sign of growth.

The Constant Question

The question of life’s meaning is not a question you ask of life. It is a question life asks of you. A question you and you alone must answer.

Being Assertive, Not Aggressive

If you can never say “No” to others, or always say “No” to others, how can you get out of this behavior pattern? Being assertive is about standing up for you rights while respecting the rights of other people. This article helps you recognize the problem and give you tips on dealing with it.

How to Live Car-Lite

Cars dominate the American culture. Fight against our car culture by going car-lite.

Learning And Enthusiasm Are Good, But Don’t Do So Blindly

How do you know when what you are hearing, being taught, and learning is correct, factual, meaningful and relevant? It is up to each of us to maintain and open mind, and listen fairly to as many alternatives, including approaches, ideas, etc., that we can.

Change Your Thoughts to Create the Life You Really Want

Do you experience stress and problems more than peace and abundance? Learn how you can literally change your life for the better by changing the quality of your thoughts.

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