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Baby Steps To Begin Again

How do you make a new start? A new life for yourself? How do you pick yourself up again? How do you get yourself back after something’s happened? There are 7 Baby steps to begin again so you move forward into your new life with ease, grace and fabulousness! And what’s the first baby step? 1. Um… it’s exhaustion. First stage of newness. Feeling irritated. Unexplained bad mood. Your needs at this point are basic…

All Rejection Is Self-Rejection

This article explains how in reality there is no such thing as being rejected, except by yourself! It goes on to offer a simple, yet not easy, three step process to banish rejection once and for all. So, if you’ve ever felt rejected, it’s time to wake up and read this article.

Cleaning Out the Attic of Your Mind: Setting Yourself Free From Past Hurts

I got bullied a lot in school. This one girl, I don’t remember her name, actually I am not sure I ever knew it, used to wait for recess just so she could knock me down. So school kind of sucked.

Respect in Different Forms

This article stretches the manifestations of respect. It also encourages the idea of self-respect as the gateway to respect others, and receive it in return.

Are Your Values Giving Your Life Value?

Are you feeling unfulfilled? Is life just not what you expected it to be? You may be living someone else’s idea of what your values should be. Honoring your own values honors your own happiness.

Just Ten Minutes Each Day To Do So Much More

Giving time to yourself is equally important as giving time to your health, work, family and your interests. Just ten minutes is all you need to enjoy what you have been missing on.

Celebrating “The Other Me” of Your Life

Earlier this month I had a fabulous dinner conversation. Our always wonderful and thoughtful discussions turned into something even more interesting. As we talked, we learned that each one would have been something else in terms of career.

Everyone Lives By Faith

Whether we like it or not, we all live by faith. Whether we are religious or not, we live by faith. You cannot be scientific enough to eliminate the place of faith from your life. Faith is important enough to both our temporal and our spiritual lives to warrant these few minutes to think about the subject together.

4 Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship

All great relationships have traits that are common. This article explores some common traits that will help you to strengthen your own relationship.

The 6 Lies You Are Telling Yourself

Examine the greatest lies our sub-concious tells us to keep us from being successful. Learn how your mind is creating fear to keep you in the life you are now!

The 5 Lessons Everyone Should Know

This article focuses on the development of personal validation and awareness. Becoming a more open and understanding human being.

What Kind Of Accountability Do You Need?

Is there something you’ve tried to stick to in your life? It could be anything from exercise to consistent content creation. How did it go?

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