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Why It’s So Hard to Let Go of Unconsciousness – Insights From The Little Prince

If we want to live consciously each day and not just at times, a key requirement is to be willing to give up our attachment to unconsciousness.It might seem strange to say we are attached to unconsciousness.The reality for most of us, unless we had an exceptional upbringing by conscious individuals, is that unconsciousness is so ingrained in us, we are quite addicted to it. We know no other state.

How to Go From Whining to Winning

All too often we find that we are whining about what should of happened instead of looking at what was/is needed to win. We have entitled expectations that things should have gone differently and that certain things are unfair. As a mentor of mine use to say, Don’t should on yourself. It is the reframing of what went wrong to what needs to be done to get it right that we forget about. To walk a winning path, you must be clear, centered, well intentioned, and empowered.

Do You Talk to Yourself? Don’t Lie, Everyone Does! What Do You Say?

Scientific research has shown listening to motivational tapes and talking to yourself positively will have a significant influence on your success. When you are positive and upbeat in life, you have more motivation to move towards your goals.

Recommended Books for Career and Life

In my work with clients, I often recommend books that help deepen their learning about a particular issue they are focusing on. In this article I profile a few of my favorite books that I reference time and time again.

Public Speaking and The Law of Gender or Gestation

When it comes to this law of the universe how you define it may cause some confusion. Some define gender as masculine and feminine (which I consider a trait) while others define it to be male and female. The good thing is that they both work but each describes a different part of the law.

Getting Your Life on the Right Track

The Right being is one who is doing the right thing at the right time in the right place in the right order with the right set of people. The ability to say the right thing at the right time is an important factor in determining a right being. Is there any right being at all?

Public Speaking and The Law of Cause and Effect

When it comes to public speaking the Law of Cause and Effect is ever present. In fact one of the organizational patterns that I teach is cause and effect. This law according to Ralph Waldo Emerson is the law of laws.

Wake Up! Open The Door To Your Best Life

We can all benefit from remembering that who we really are is so much more amazing than who we tell ourselves we are. Here are some practical steps to help you remember how brave, strong, smart, and brilliant you really are, to give yourself permission to open the door and step into what’s really possible for you.

Public Speaking and The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity states that “there is nothing essentially good or bad until we related it to something else.” How can something be neither good nor bad? It comes down to perspective.

Thought From The Box – “Glancing at the Chief”

What would you do if it started raining while you were working outside? Would you work run for cover? See what happened to the author on one rainy summer day, in the next edition of “Thoughts From The Box.”

Eugen Weber Greatest Historian of Our Times: Book Review

Eugen Weber only reached the confines of old age when he died. We may venture to say of Eugen Weber, as Andrew Fuller has to say of himself, that “he possessed a large portion of being.”

Godly Humility – How Can a Humble Heart Put You On the Road to Destination Greatness?

Is the road you’re on leading you to continual setbacks? If so, you may want to check your attitude and heart condition. Find out how a humble heart can put you on the road to destination greatness!

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