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5 Steps to Healing Fear Towards a Successful Living

There are different types of fear; or in scientific terms, phobia. It could be a fear of heights, insects, or even fear of the cutest animal on earth. However, this is not the common fear that we face every day.

Through Self Analysis We Learn About Maladjusted Mindset

The greatest gift to your self-esteem is to nourish your mindset with positive accolades. Another excellent transformation is to help others shine to the best of their abilities and then some. The magical gifts received by gratitude are significant to the value of being grateful.

Simplicity, Its Concept and Reality

Simplicity is a qualitative and comprehensive word in its own context. It is also stated that the concept of simplicity has been related to truth in the field of epistemology. Hence the meaning of simplicity should be understood both in terms of its concept and reality.

Gift of Gratitude

Every successful person has at their core an attitude of gratitude which serves them dutifully and keeps them grounded towards their true objectives. When we give thanks to God and our divine intelligence for the graces we have been blessed with a surreal feeling comes over one. To know one is doing the right and proper thing has to be a very calming influence and then acknowledge with modesty an abundance of gratitude reassures you of its relevance. Things come, things go and successes can fly out the door as quickly as they arrive if we lose our focus.

Forgiveness Not Granted

Lying is difficult to understand and although one may have delusions about things and carry airs of superiority there is nothing more base than outright lying. It is impossible to live a healthy life while subjecting the body to the evils of this disgrace.

Getting Rid of Anger – 12 Ways of Forgiveness

Are you tired of feeling angry but do not know how to get rid of it? Find 12 ways to help you release your anger through forgiveness. Are you ready for a new way of being?

Having a Totally Stuck Day?

Are you one of those people who does not get stuck too often but occasionally runs across a day when you seem to be stuck on everything? Those are the days when nothing goes right and you are not able to get going on any level. It is so frustrating! I guess we all have those days occasionally. What can you do to get unstuck and start moving when this happens? It is not so much that you are stuck on any one thing – it is that you are stuck on everything.

Metaphorical Waxworks Or Genuine?

Reflections through the eyes cannot change unless one alternates ones perspective before one undergoes cosmetic surgery. Why cosmetic surgery fails miserably is a consequence to the approach of putting the cart before the horse. It is essential to address the interior as it is only by this approach that the real transformation takes shape. Now ask yourself what would you like to do to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others so you too will not be alone when you need company.

What Can You Do With Negative Thoughts?

I had a coaching client ask me a question the other day that I do not hear too often but I know it happens to us all. She wanted to know what to do when you have a negative feeling that starts in your heart and migrates to your brain.

The Process

“Be patient. God isn’t through with me yet.” We have probably all seen this statement on t-shirts; especially little children. However, it is true for His big children too. Be patient with others and with yourself, because God is not through working in your life.

Self-Awareness and the Words We Use

We are aware of our own existence although there are no final definitive definitions for what “I” is, for that how “I” is defined are in themselves ideas that are only associated with it. “I” exists independently from whatever is thought “I” is, since “I” cannot be an idea that is an idea.

How to Raise Your Introspective Awareness

Although we are able to consciously direct our thought to different subject areas in such cases as beginning a creative process, walking to a specific location, reasoning how things could work out better, during conversations, a lot of our cognitive tasks are dealt by the sub-conscious mind. By introspection, we may study, self-observe and interpret for example our emotions that emerge to our conscious mind, thoughts and opinions we may have on something, and thus increase our awareness on these areas, similarly to how we can become increasingly aware on topics we choose to contemplate on.

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