7 Things Holding You Back From Success 😭 (these are too common!)

New Goggles Give New Perspective

I’ve been swimming for years and have written lots of stories about lessons learned at the pool. And the hits just keep on coming. New goggles! Who’d have thought they’d inspire a story?

America Divided Is NOT a Good Thing – Privilege and Reality

Yesterday, I was saddened when I received an email, in reference to the 2016 election, with the subject line, “America divided is a good thing.” The author complemented the blog with a video, that went on to speak about how contrast and division motivate desire. I expressed joy for those who may finally be motivated to act, and appreciate there is much to be learned f

If This Is A Simulation, Are Other People Real?

If this is all a hologram, what about other people? It’s one of the first questions that seems to come up, when learning that this reality is a simulation, is “are other people real?” A twist on this is, “If this is game, am *I* real?

There Will Be Distractions – You Must Learn the Art of Planning

The art of planning comes naturally to human beings. However, how right or wrong we are at it depends on our experience and calibre. From planning trivial things like what to eat and planning a timetable for studies to planning a marketing strategy for a billion dollar organisation, planning is an essential part of our lives.

How to End Your Professional Mid-Life Crisis

Let’s assume that you are in your mid 40s and hold over a decade’s experience in your profession. You are a part of the senior management, have a well-settled family, a house, mortgages and almost everything else that a higher middle-class family has. On your mind is the thought of setting aside some money for the future higher education expenses of your child.

How To Sell Yourself In 3 Simple Steps

How to Sell Yourself – Whether it’s a job interview, an exam, or winning over the woman of your dreams, the secret to success is knowing how to sell yourself. I’ve been reading both online and books that advertise the famous “elevator pitch”, but it’s BS! If somebody comes up to me and tries to “sell” me his idea with 30 seconds of a boring monologue, I’d send him away!

These 2 Simple Questions Can Help You Change Your Life

Ready to make a change in your life but not sure where to begin? Start by looking within, for there is where you will find all the enthusiasm, ideas, confidence and even blockages that lie between you and your best self.

The Therapeutic Relationship As the Cornerstone of Effective Counselling Outcomes

This article focuses on my experience as a registered counselling therapist, as well as reviewing research such as the article, do common factors account for counseling outcome? I raise the question of whether or not common factors, such as the therapeutic relationship, account for client growth and change more so than schools of therapy. Results suggest that though small changes of counselling outcomes result from the therapeutic relationship, this common factor (CF) is deemed important enough to implement with great care across all schools of therapy. Future studies suggest further counselling training with regards to being competent with various aspects of the relationship building with the client, such as empathy as a construct.

No Blame – No Victimhood – No Kidding

I recently read a LinkedIn post that said this: America’s problems could be solved with two words: Personal responsibility. I totally believe that. I believe that entrepreneurs are the heroes of capitalism and that risk taking, in general, has provided our most significant economic propulsion. Strangling risk takers in an effort by bureaucrats to control them is, among other deplorable attributes, a pathetic exercise in jealousy.

7 Steps to Uncovering Your Legacy

We all want to know our lives matter, and yet we often wonder if we’ve done enough, or if we’re living our life’s purpose. Yet we often continue with the same life, never taking the next step. That next step is assessing the life we’ve lived, then uncovering our gifts, our talents and our heart’s desire. Start with the 7 steps outlined in this article.

Present Moment & Life Experiences

Our present moment is where we find our greatest Joy. However, our life experiences may be able to move us out of the present moment. Can we do something to change that?

A Letter to Betrayal

“A letter to Betrayal” highlights a woman’s feelings, state of mind and thoughts after she was betrayed by her fiance who lied to her, cheated on her and worst of all, married another woman while they were engaged. She wrote this letter while she was on her healing journey. It is Deep, Raw and Relevant.

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