7 Steps to Manifest Your Desires Using Law of Attraction [FULL BREAKDOWN!]

Dabbling Won’t Get You Unstuck

Dabbling won’t get you where you want to go and will leave you stressed and frustrated. It takes consistent practice to create change. Start small, be consistent, and practice patience.

You Have Unique Gifts and Talents

No one on earth has the same combination of gifts and talents that you do. Because you were not born with a spec sheet that made clear precisely what you were designed to do, you must embark on a life-long adventure of self discovery.

Journaling and Intuition

Personal journal writing is one of the world’s favorite ways to understand itself. People who keep up a regular journaling habit become more self-aware. It’s a natural by-product of connecting the mind, the eye, and the hand in one unified activity, which is what happens when a person journals.

Asking Forgiveness

I Ask Forgiveness in three different ways. I am sorry for my insensitive state of being. I apologise for my fears and the consequences of my false beliefs. I ask for a pardon for my apparent wrong doing and my evil actions.

Take Massive Action on Your Dream: 5 Tips to Power Your Dream Forward

The difference between dreamers and doers is one word: action. If you stay dreaming about your dream life, that’s all you’ll do. Simply stay there. Once you’ve imagined all that’s possible with regard to your dream, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Reiki, Intention and Your Journey to Absolute Healing

Healing is a therapeutic process. Where does it start and how does it work is something that somehow only a few would explore and those few are often interested in providing good answers to scholars such as Reiki students or clients willing to understand a deep energetic process. However through practice we have noticed that most often when clients come for Reiki, they already carry with them a certain amount of trust or intention in the process. Their belief that Reiki will work is often their strength. Now if we review a bit how does healing work, we can actually unfold a bit more how Reiki fit in this process.

Simplify Your Personal Development

If you want to learn anything it is in a book. Most of those books have been transcribed to audio or there are training programs. Simplify your personal development by reading and listening to audio everyday.

Industry Certification – What Is The Big Deal?

Being certified in your industry says a lot about you. By spending the time and money involved with this accomplishment, you are telling your clients, potential clients, and peers that you are knowledgeable, professional, take pride in yourself, and are a leader in your industry.

How to Eliminate Indecision

Answer: Just make a decision. Now I could just leave it there and go and make a cup of tea, but of course the simpleness of the answer warrants an explanation to help it along in many peoples minds, being that many of us as human beings need logic and reason.

Give Easy a Whirl

Have you experienced the feeling of pushing a boulder up a hill? I always visualize it as the mental and emotional equivalent of straining, grunting and sweating, while not making much progress. It’s not the prettiest picture, but I’d place a hefty bet that everyone reading this has been there, probably more often than you’d like. I certainly have. And as much as I hate to admit it, I also know (deep down inside) that I can make things harder than necessary.

Reiki and Meditation: A Journey Into Your Own Essence

Using Reiki while meditating is a fascinating as well as powerful experience that enhances one fundamental value within Reiki: peaceful strength. Let’s first have a look at the benefits of meditation. Meditation is said to be an ally for life, health and overall wellbeing. Meditation improves your state of being, clarifies the mind, generates better focusing and concentration capacities and even keeps eyesight and vision healthy as it takes the strain off the eyes. Being calmer with a heart beating at a healthier pace with increased sense of balance is quite sufficient to convince a beginner to take on some meditation minutes per day. Moreover, the benefits of meditation are not just secluded to our own energy field. They also expand to our surroundings.

Get Better or Get Beaten

The best are always given a ring to their names, a longer standing ovation; awards are named after them. They are given reserved lockers in clubs and given their own parking bays. On the flipside, those who come in second are given cursory pats in the back, a condescending “better luck next time” compliment and left to mope and sulk for having lost again.

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