7 Signs You Must Not Ignore in 2021 to Manifest Your Desires | Law Of Attraction [MUST WATCH!!]

How to Be a Risk-Taker! Live to Win, Rather Than Living Not to Lose!

At the root of risk-taking is a heart of faith. Identifying when you’re living in fear is an essential element to taking risks so that you’re able to intentionally pursue your dreams and goals. Find out if you are living not to lose or living to win and taking risks!

10.3 Reasons for Improving Your Communication

Communicating is the only way we as human beings can express ourselves, we communication with our self first, with other people second, in both cases we should communicate to understand first before we try to be understood…

Having Your Worst Fears Come True Causes the Greatest Breakthroughs

You’ve probably heard the expression “In order to transform the world you must transform yourself.” One of the most stressful elements of self-transformation is changing your relationship with the deepest fears you’ve been trying to avoid your entire life. A simplified model of human development explains that wounds to our core essence are inevitable and may even be necessary to grow an initial personality that can function in the world. Then, it’s the job of a healthy ego to create props we can rest on to avoid the pain of these past core wounds, which form the basis of our worst fears. As change agents, part of our task is to mindfully and compassionately unravel those props to heal and release the life force trapped beneath. If we don’t do so, life circumstances will do it for us in more unpleasant ways!

Living Life in the Right Order

Finish school, build a career, get married, have kids — this is the order that society says we should follow in life. Where do these rules comes from? Do they work for today’s women? Figure out how to live life in the right order for YOU.

You’ve Got to Believe You Are Magic to Transfer to 4D Consciousness

Human consciousness – does it exist? Only for the human existing in the dense 3D energy where everything requires mass to be recognized. There is only consciousness; it is not a human attribute, it belongs to no one or no thing, it simply exists and it is.

How to Make People Respect You

Respect is earned, you don’t force people to respect you. In this article you will find 6 very simple ways to earn the respect of people around you.

Soul Searching – Could It Be the Original Selfie?

Lately we have been inundated with opinions about selfies and what they really mean. Is this fascination with taking and posting images of ourselves healthy? Could it be a sign of narcissism or deeper emotional issues? Opinions are rampant and have been expressed by many people from laymen and acclaimed psychologists to social media gurus. All tell a different story about the meaning of incessantly posting selfies to our social media pages.

How to Develop a Sense of Gratitude

We often thank people who give us something or who do us a favor, but gratitude is an emotional component of thankfulness and appreciation. In other words, we really mean it because they touched our heart and we are very grateful. Their action brought us happiness even if it is for the moment. Apart from people some of us are also grateful to the universe for the life we enjoy and this could make us feel special and happy because we feel blessed. Further gratitude could also be a source for future happiness; that is being grateful could actually get us want we want. Some teachers call this aspect of gratitude the “power of gratitude”, but I call it the “miracle of gratitude”.

Making the Transition: College to Career

This article provides tips on preparation for the transition from college to career. It includes some of the knowledge, I personally, have gained throughout my senior year as a college student. It’s meant to be enlightening and encouraging to future college graduates that will soon be facing the same transition.

Why I Have Never Kissed A Girl

Have you ever come across the question, “How far is too far?” Usually relating to just how much can a couple do in a relationship before overstepping ‘boundaries’? People have different opinions but in my case, the decision to not kiss any girl till I get married is more than just a rule, or some religious obligation. I have decided to lay aside what I may want NOW for what I want BEST. Hence the piece of writing you are about to read is not because I hate pleasure or fun but I love it so much that I want the best of it.

10 Spiritual Practices That Will Increase Your Quality of Life

Spirituality is no doubt the stable of the human being, why do you think we fill the seats of churches across the nation? The problem is that we too often look for sources outside of ourselves to fulfill these needs rather than going within so today we are going to explore 10 spiritual practices that if included into your daily routine will help shift you back to your birthright: being happy, peaceful, loving, forgiving and whole.

How We Decide When to Act

The article looks at the question of whether it is sometimes a good thing to postpone action under certain conditions and circumstances and potentially lose out on opportunities. It also examines the question of whether one should, as a rule take action under all conditions and circumstances to avoid losing out on the potential benefits the opportunities present. In the course of the discussion the author also looks at the nature of the conditions we may meet, which could control whether we take action or not. Later, he propose a way to deal effectively with the difficulty of when to take action.

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