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10 Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills

March was International Listening Awareness Month but every month is a good time to check how well you listen. What with the endless supply of texts messages, abbreviations and acronyms we use to communicate, it’s no wonder our listening skills fall short.

Stop the Madness for Constant Group Work

Is team work really for everybody? Here, the group work madness in schools and work places is discussed and how this activity affects introverts and their personal development.

An Effective Frame of Mind

~Above all, be true to yourself and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it~. (unknown). If you take a look at this quote and read it out loud, what does it mean to you?

Work Overcomes Weaknesses: The Real WOW

Every individual has certain strengths and certain weaknesses. Often, the major difference between success and failure is one’s willingness and ability to introspectively examine these, and to build on the strengths, while addressing the weaknesses in a significant manner. While there are many techniques that I have taught people to do to address and enhance their personal situation, as a self- help specialist and trainer, for over thirty years, the single most essential factor invariably is someone’s commitment.

Fail Better Part II

I think we might all agree a certain amount of failure actually contributes to our success. Making mistakes, admitting errors, and learning from our failures actually enhance our creative skills, improve relationships and increase the learning curve for success and achievement. Understanding that failure is an important aspect of success is only helpful if we learn how to benefit from our mistakes…

Speak Up to Be Heard

You have brilliant ideas and insightful viewpoints, yet you always find yourself struggling to find the good timing to speak up in meetings and discussions. Even when you speak up, you find you are not being taken seriously and your ideas and opinions are being ignored. Your boss and colleagues therefore think you are incapable and incompetent. Speaking up in meetings and discussions is an essential skill for your career advancement. Researches show people who speak up are more likely to be considered capable and as leaders. You don’t have to be undermined. Speaking up is a skill you can master. Read the article to learn more.

Why You Should Never Be Who You Are Not

It is natural to want to be like those you admire. The problem is that imitating others can take away from your own personality. We should not look to others for our identity, but within our self. It is OK to take on qualities of others, but it must be personalized according to our way of doing things.

Whatever You Do, Make It Great

Greatness isn’t so much about the outcome as it is about the effort. Do you start each thing you do with an attitude of greatness – of doing your best, of thinking that the event is worthwhile? Do you look at everything as an opportunity to shine, to change things for the better? Only then will you have the potential to do something great.

Think In A Big Way

I think the reason people why people do an average job at work is because average is how they choose to go through life. Sure, there are some jobs that just don’t fit us and we don’t bring our best. But more often than not, average work performance happens because we have chosen to do average life performance. We have chosen to let others make our decisions for us, give up on dreams and do just enough to get by. But with a little guidance we can get our A-game going – to bring our best to everything we do.

Vestibular Stimulation, Is It Sexy? Is It Safe?

What I’m going to tell you is not new, but you probably have no idea what’s involved. What we have here is tiny organ inside your inner ear that controls the sensitivity of your nervous system, your balance or equilibrium, how you respond to your other sensory organs, your emotions, your memory, and your attention.

Have You Lost Your Way? Use Your Internal GPS to Get Back on Track

Do you feel like you’ve lost your way, that you don’t know which way to turn? Somewhere along the way you got off track but you’re not sure where or when.

Tips to Make Your Career Development Plan Work

Career Development is a favourite topic on the agenda of employees and their managers. Career development plans are created at the start of the year and then put on back burner till the year end or next formal performance appraisal. What can you do to avoid getting into this trap and use it to propel career growth and pay raise.

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