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How Would You Define Personal Development?

Have you ever wondered how to define personal development? If so make sure you read this article very carefully because I’m going to tell you how to define personal development.

Taking Frequent Breaks Is Healthy and More Productive

Do you have a difficult time taking the necessary time to take sufficient breaks during your work day? Do you work nonstop and then feel extreme fatigue? Do you feel exhausted because you lead a relatively sedentary life?

Getting Out Of A Rut In 3 Simple Steps

Need advice on getting out of a rut? Then read this article and learn the 3 simple steps to do that.

How to Live a Fulfilling Life

At the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is self-actualization. This entails having lived a fulfilling life, and lived up all potential. Who would not want to reach the top? Who would not want to have all his dreams fulfilled? No one would give away the chance to make all their dreams come true. But not everyone is ready to take the journey towards self-actualization because not everyone knows how.

Choosing City Life or Village Natural Countryside Life? Escaping the Economic Crisis and Recession

We are looking for happiness in the wrong places. We fight for positions, corporate and business or government titles, promotions, social status, being magnificent in social circles, luxury mansions, golf courses and luxury cars. But before all we know we turn to dust.

Detach Yourself From the Drama

To detach oneself from a drama is in fact to detach from the own ego. To develop love as pure love, it is essential to drop attachment. This is the opposite attitude to the attachment and possession that instead develops selfishness.

The Anatomy of Birth and Death: The True Facts of Life and Dying

Knowing ourselves is very important. As you near the end of your road – your death, psychologists reveal that you will enter a period in your life called life review. Life review is the process we enter into shortly before we die. In this process nature present us with a comprehensive review of our lives.

Love Impermanence

Love impermanence because it is nature of life. Start from today and you will change your life. Learn to live your life through the eyes of impermanence and you will automatically eliminate fear, doubts, loneliness and abandonment.

Text Messages – When Words Seem to Fail

Sending text messages is more than a worldwide trend. I can remember when I bought my first pager and then new pagers capable of receiving text messages hit the market, shortly after that, you were able to send a text message to other text capable pagers. It seems that America and other countries have sent text messages long before it was capable on smart phones.

Simply Letting Go

Letting go is one of the hardest things we humans can do. It’s in our nature to hang on tightly to things that are safe, comfortable and make us feel good. Whether it’s our favorite belief or our favorite teddy bear – we like to hang on to what we know.

Live a Fulfilling Life

Everyone desires a fulfilling life. No one in their right mind would give up the opportunity to be happy and fulfilled. But getting there is a long and difficult road. There will always be trials and failures. But never let this hinder you in achieving your dreams.

Figuring Out Your Purpose in Life

There comes a point in everybody’s life that the big questions start to matter. It is that time where you start contemplating the real purpose in life or your existence. This is the time you want to break your norm and routine. But everyone has a different purpose in life and everyone is destined to bless the world with their own unique purpose and being. The journey to finding your true purpose in life may be hard and difficult. It often starts with inner conflict and can lead to more conflict if you do not take the right actions. This is why you really need to ponder on the important questions: why you exist, and what are you meant to do with your life.

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