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What Is Your Personal PLAN?

In my more than three decades of conducting leadership, planning and personal development training programs, seminars and workshops, I have come to realize that perhaps the single greatest challenge facing most individuals is either spending insufficient time or paying less than enough attention to details and personal performance, and never actually planning to achieve whatever they desire. Although some may consider it a waste of time or an empty, meaningless exercise, each of us should periodically consider and review our personal PLAN. Few people ever even develop or consider one, but even fewer of us do anything meaningful to implement…

How Do I Use Focusing With My Anxiety?

Anxiety can be very debilitating and wearing. As someone who experienced chronic anxiety over a long period of time, I can say that Focusing has helped a great deal.

Can Focusing Shift Stubborn Patterns?

A Focuser writes: It sometimes strikes me, that although I have done so much Focusing already, some of my ” stubborn patterns” don’t seem to move. I am wondering if it can really do all the work, or if sometimes it needs other things like therapy?

Focusing Involves Slowing Down

Do you have any life issues, problems or questions? If so, let me know and I will answer them in future Focusing tips. Let me know if it’s OK to refer to you by name, or to simply say someone has asked about…

One Of The Most Powerful Charisma Tips You Can Use To Boost Your Charisma Instantly

In a world where people are distracted by iPhones, television and social media, the ability to give someone your full attention will give you instant charisma superpowers. Here’s how you can become a master at it…

What It Means To Be A Real FRIEND?

One of the most misused concepts in usage today is the excessive usage of referring to our friendships, when often the reality is that those individuals are merely people who we are acquainted with, or otherwise interact. In today’s often impersonal world, many overly rely on digital communication, including a variety of different types of social media. Can there be any surprise that this concept becomes so fuzzy when the largest of the social media formats refers to those in one’s network as their friends?

Is Focusing Like Meditation?

In what way does Focusing and meditation differ? Is it possible to bring Focusing into my meditation practice?

30 Ways To Prepare For Your 60s

Turning 60 can be traumatic, but it does not have to be. Here are 30 steps to help you glide smoothly into your 60’s. Practical tips regarding finances, health, and many other areas of life, so that your retirement years can be comfortable and enjoyable.

What Is Charisma And How You Can Get It

Have you ever met a truly charismatic person? This article identifies the power of charisma and how you can instantly boost your charisma levels with one simple tip.

Are You Willing To Be Free?

Freedom is a wonderful concept. We all love it, don’t we?

Procrastination – What Does Bamboo Roots and Habits Have in Common?

Procrastination can be painful but at its core it really is nothing but a (really) bad habit. However, it can be a nasty one and it quite often holds us back from getting what we really want in life. In this article learn how to understand the nature of habits and make empowering changes by identifying the relationship between cause and effect.

What Is Your MARKETING Plan?

One of the underlying self – truths is that regardless of what one does or what his occupation/ goals might be, each of us must be both able and willing to sell each and everyday. Although many seem to shy away (or even fear or resent) from the idea of selling/ sales, everything we do involves some degree of selling. We either sell a product, service or ourselves, and therefore our personal success and achieving our goals, is directly related to how well we do this activity.

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