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What Are Chakras and Why Do They Need Clearing?

There’s a lot of scientific support out there for the concept of energy fields. So if they do exist what do they do and how do we make sure they’re working properly? Find out here…

Release And Be In The Moment

Being in the moment is about releasing everything, the purpose of this being that you then exist with nothing pulling at you. Therefore, there is openness, a clear space to be with no ulterior distractions. No pull forward or backward, but simply being present with where you are.

Respecting Others in a Movie Theater

I used to love going to the movies. Now, I feel like I’m lucky to get through the opening credits without a cellphone going off or having the back of my seat kicked. And then there are those people who decide to talk over the movie, explaining plot lines to each other and making it impossible for the rest of the theater-goers to follow the action. It’s so distracting! Sometimes I wonder if I should skip the hassle and just rent the movie when it comes out on DVD so my husband and I can watch it at home without the aggravation.

How To Become The Person You Want To Be

As I began to write about the person I want to become, another thought came to me. Here I am, a Licensed Master Practitioner of many years but there is always room for growth. I decided to take a new look at my life. You may want to examine your own life too. I gave it some thought and asked Spirit (God) for inspiration.

The Dangers of Oversharing

Oversharing has become a daily occurrence on blogs and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to the Internet, I am now privy to the diets, mood swings, “private” opinions, and relationship fluctuations of everyone I’ve ever met, and some I haven’t.

Women Self Help

Self help for women could help transform you to the women you always knew that you were worthy of becoming. Self help for women could give you advice on whatever you may be going through in your life. Self help would provide you with useful information that would cater to your overall personal growth.

How To Use Time To Improve Your Life

What is time? Can we use time to grow spiritually? Your use of time can both help and hinder your life. Using your time wisely moves you toward your goals and desires.

Tips On How To Maximize Your Personal Growth And Development

Your life can be anything you want it to be. All the success, happiness and prosperity you’ve ever dreamed of is literally at your fingertips when you discover and implement powerful and proven personal growth and development strategies in your life.

Three Steps to Change To Accomplish Your Goals

All of us run across things in our lives that we know, hold us back from performing, or becoming what we hope to be, or become. How determined we are to take the necessary steps to achieving our desires, will dictate how long it takes us to reach those goals.

Brain Connections – Part 5: Conscious And Unconscious

Evolutionarily, emotions preceded feelings and, in fact, the former are the foundations for the latter. Emotions and feelings, in turn, complement and challenge our abilities to think rationally and to appropriately interact with other individuals. Think about conscious and non conscious processes in the following way.

Brain Connections – Part 4: Am I Just Wired That Way?

I think two key words are vital in understanding human emotions and behaviors. These two words define two different qualities, one physiological and the other psychological. They are: plasticity and awareness.

Most of The Time We Live In Fear – Fear Destroys Our Dreams!

Many of us live in fear of all sorts of things, but what does this achieve? Fear destroys everything for us, we become so blocked that it affects our goals, our health and it destroys all of our dreams!

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