5 Steps to Send a Telepathic Message to Anyone [WORKS LIKE MAGIC!!]

Is the Unexamined Life Worth Living?

Understanding yourself is where to start. Life is ever-changing.

Self-Improvement – You Get What You Ask For!

Have you ever noticed that people often seem to be able predict situations and or events that will happen to them in the future? Clients frequently make statements and then are surprised when the things that they don’t want (but talk about) do happen. Those who claim “I can’t sleep” are annoyed and surprised by the fact that their insomnia occurs year after year after year.

Why Can’t I Change When I Want To?

Our beliefs are inside layers of feelings. To bring a belief that has been in the subconscious mind, into conscious awareness, we usually have to go through a few layers of feelings, like peeling a layer off an onion, one at a time.

How to Let Go of Fear and Move Forward

There are many ways that fear stops us from moving forward easily. The fear of making mistakes is one of them. This article provides a new way of looking at mistakes and offers exercises so that we can release this fear and become able to take action easily and enjoy whatever comes along. We learn to see that mistakes are your friend and that the futile search for perfection is only a mirage. Based on the new book, Fearless: The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind.

Removing Shadows From Your Light

What creates a shadow is something or someone that stands between a reflecting object and the light source. That something or someone can be in front of the light in any of the subtle bodies, or dimensions of one’s beingness. This is the basic component for understanding the creation of what many call the shadow body.

Self Improvement Starts in Our Ability to Learn From the Greats!

Throughout history we’ve been fortunate to witness, or at least read about, the lives of some of the most unbelievable people that the world has ever seen. Those with character that out shined the rest of humanity, and a soul that illuminated the minds of many to follow. We’re speaking of a boldness that has literally changed the face of this planet, a type of wisdom that continues to spark the minds of people today.

Emotional Awareness

Each of us is subject to feelings, moods and emotions. Much debate has arisen from the ambiguity resulted from their meanings. Nevertheless, psychologists have come up with a series of simple definitions in order to differentiate them from one another. If a feeling is the subjective way in which you experience something, a mood is a mental state that results from the combination of feelings and thoughts. Lastly, emotions represent the objective way in which we look at our feelings.

On the Way to Grace – Chopping Wood and Carrying Water

I guess I should have known the day wasn’t going to go as I planned when the first thing I saw when I stepped out onto the deck Sunday morning was a red tail hawk taking flight from my backyard garden. Often I see hawks fly over my home, even occasionally see them land in the meadow out beyond the backyard or in the fields when swooping down to pick up prey, but this was the first time I had seen one take off from the garden.

Create Conversation Confidence at Parties Even If You Are Shy

Do you often feel nervous when you are at a party and you want to make a good impression on others? Perhaps you are shy and you get tongue tied or your mind goes blank. Here are many tips to help you improve your conversation confidence at social events.

Come on, Grow Already!

To contemplate the thought that we can force growth is a ridiculous concept, yet how we strive to force growth in ourselves and others. We can try to influence our opportunities, reach for our goals, and in some cases see small changes in our lives, but even those are part of a larger plan.

Are You Satisfied With Life?

Do you ever feel dissatisfied with your life? Ever wonder how to change or even where to start?

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day and Neither is a Good Wardrobe

Are you a fan of ‘What Not to Wear’, ‘Trinnie and Susannah’ or other makeover show on TV? It’s amazing how over the course of a week, a few days or even just a matter of hours women emerge with a brand new wardrobe and a brand new look.

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