5 Steps to Calm Your Mind For Deep Meditation | This Will Help You Manifest Fast!!

Mixed Meanings, Messages and Metaphors

Before I became absolutely clear of MY truth, MY communication message and MY mission I had a lot of mixed messages out there. Clarity in your heart and mind will create confidence in your message.

Are You Ready To Stop Hiding Out In the Wings?

One of biggest barriers that comes up for clients stems from not releasing things that are not working. This keeps them hiding out in the wings. When we hold on to things that haven’t been working for a long time – whether it’s a thought, idea, emotion, attitude or behavior – they tend to sneak up on us and become habits.

How to Deal With Big Emotions When Focusing

Sometimes big emotions such as anger, rage, grief or deep sobbing can erupt spontaneously during a Focusing session. They are a natural human response to something, and they need to be accepted as such.

What Does It Mean to Find a Place of Presence When Focusing?

Someone who is new to Focusing asks how can she find a place of Presence. She read last month’s Focusing tips, where I said the key is to find a place of Presence. What do I mean by that, and how to do it?

Keep An Open Mind – 10 Tips About Embracing Change

We all have a preconceived notion of life, of how things are and how they should be. For many people it is difficult to get past those preconceived notions. However change will happen and it is far better to be a part of the change than have change happen to you.

How to Conduct Self-Assessment In Order to Improve

Self-assessment is the first step in career development. Confucius once said “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Undertaking self-assessment gives information to be able to make the important career decisions.

Are You a Lonely Introvert?

If you’ve ever been told you’re an introvert or thought of yourself as an introvert or perhaps a lonely introvert, this article may help you gain a better understanding of yourself and why you’re the way you are. In this article I use myself as an example in describing what I learned is nothing more than a misunderstanding due to a lack of information. I think you’ll find it helpful.

The Secret Weapon to Create the Change You Desire

Ever feel discouraged that you haven’t made the changes you’d like to make? Ready to make real progress? Discover the most powerful tool to experience results and why it’s so effective.

5 Invaluable Soft Skills In The Workplace

“The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions. A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through life” – John Hancock. In this article we will look at some invaluable soft skills for the workplace.

Fashion Sense: Think Twice Before Plunking Down Your Credit Card

Thinking twice about the way you buy clothing and other essential items gives you a sense of empowerment. If the economy often attacks your pocketbook and makes you think twice before handing over your credit card, then you are not alone. So what can you do to be more creative?

Dissolving Cemented Paradigms

For the past thousands of years people have been using the same templates for creating different brands of reality. Have you ever wondered why one day you can be happy and the next day left feeling down and out? What causes anxiety and stress to creep into your life? This article looks at the cause and effect of your everyday modern realities and what may have changed in your own consciousness to make you feel more tired, time poor and perhaps even mentally drained.

Building Your Foundation: What It Takes to Start Your Journey to Success

Inside each of us there are two different natures. Each of them is very important. The first wants to advance and improve. The other is reserved and wants us to hold back. Both seek control of our mind. The will within you is the key to solving the issue. It is the will that can take you up higher levels than you’ve ever imagined for yourself. It provides effort. Will finds the paths to success and also paves the paths to success.

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