5 Steps to Calm Your Mind For Deep Meditation | This Will Help You Manifest Better

That One Moment

Sometimes in life situations reappear, and it is through our growth that makes us change the decisions that we’ve made. Change is an opportunity to learn and grow and to reevaluate situations.

Honor and Respect

Honor and respect are the two most important qualities a person can have. Honor and respect all things in life.

Ethics and Enabling – Is There a Middle Ground?

In all of my research on the topic of codependency and enabling, I did not find one discussion on ethical dilemmas apparent in the lives of enablers. I have no graphs or statistics to share. What I do have is my belief based upon my personal experience and under- standing of the definition of ethical dilemmas. I think we all know when we cross the ethical line; whether we want to admit it or not, is another story.

How To Be Fully Responsible For Your Life and Stop Giving Your Power Away

This article explains why you should be responsible and stop giving your power away. You have the power within you to transform your life, never give it to people around you or situations that happen in your life! Make this simple decision today: “I’m entire responsible for my life” and your life will change. Ultimately, you are responsible for accepting the reality, you are responsible for your attitude, for your happiness, for your career, for your relationships, for everything. Empower yourself and start creating the life you deserve right now.

Creating Your Own Reality Show

Give the same attention to your words and actions that reality TV viewers give to their favorite characters and all sorts of information about how your choices, interactions, and attitude affect your outcomes begins to unfold. You’ll be amazed at the discoveries to be made when you start watching yourself throughout the day.

Your Inner Power – Be the Deliberate Creator of a Happier Life and Better World

You have the power within to create a happier, more productive life. You can reclaim this inner power by awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

Prepare for Action

Now that you have discovered and refined your purpose for living it is time to prepare for action. This is an important step. Do not deceive yourself that just because you have defined your purpose for living that everything from now on will be downhill.

The 5 Necessities Of Truth

Although nearly everyone discusses the need for personal integrity in everything we do, there remains a strong tendency to lack the essential components in transforming our rhetoric into behaving in a truthful, serious, and a compelling manner. One of the many challenges each of us confronts on a nearly daily basis, is discovering a coherent way to clearly understand what being truthful (telling the truth) is all about, and how to rationally, objectively determine what being honest, and maintaining our personal integrity is all about. In order to become personally better, it might be helpful to understand and consider the…

True Self: Is Life About Finding Ourselves Or Creating Ourselves?

Although life is rarely black and white, this doesn’t mean that one’s mind is able to realise this. Instead, one can end up seeing their whole life in this way and not only is this limiting, it also doesn’t reflect reality.

Confessions of a Biker Chick

There are many life lessons to be learned from unexpected places. This article explores a few business insights to be gained from expanding your horizons to try different things.

Crossing the Bridge of Prejudice to Peace

Prejudice stems from a perception or belief that other people or ideas are different; less valuable or somehow unacceptably different. It has existed since mankind began recording history, most notably stemming from different socio-economic lifestyles, race, creed or color. In America, we visited bigotry, racism and prejudice in the 1960’s and somehow convinced ourselves that we had resolved the differences. New laws were passed and society was forced to become politically correct; to at least pretend that we all had arrived at a new level of equality and acceptance of one another.

Helping Others, Helps You

Personal growth improves life in many ways. Helping others in some way is the foundation of the building process.

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