5 Signs You Will Become Rich One Day

The Power of Purpose

“Whatever your age, if you learn to listen, your inner voice will speak to you about your path,” writes oncologist Dr. Bernie Siegel in Peace, Love and Healing, your ‘job on earth.’ This wisdom that is directing you from within is your birthright.

Coronavirus COVID-19: Learn the Most Important Lesson for the Future

Following the idea that lessons need to be extracted from adversities so we don’t end up with the same experience later on, I keep asking what can be extracted from COVID-19 for the future. On the face of it, I tackle one very important lesson that we must take away from this: consume less. Keep reading to find out how adhering to this principle could have prevented (and will certainly prevent in the future) the suffering that many are experiencing today.

Peace Begins at Home

There is so much unrest in the world today: we are still in two wars, terrorism seems to be endemic worldwide, and domestic violence still dominates the news. We still need to heed the old bumper sticker: TEACH PEACE. The more current one on my car says “Peace is Patriotic.”

Living Outside the Box

I was speaking with a client today about his burn-out in his career. This is a man who’s been very successful, earned a lot of money, and worked hard for a big, national corporation. I told him he was burned-out, and on strike, because he had put himself in a box about work.

Everything You Need To Know About How You Can Live Life To The Fullest

Is it actually possible for anyone to live life to the fullest? Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Is it really possible for me to live life to the fullest?

Into Every Life

As a parade went by, one of the horses pulling a float entry left a memento in the middle of the road, right in front of where we were watching from the sidewalk. From that point on, every band or group that came marching down the road marched bravely on, right through the pile of horse manure. The image struck a chord in me, one that the band was not intentionally playing.

Healing: Turning Poison Into Medicine

he revered Sufi poet, Rumi, wrote: “We turn poison into medicine and our sorrows into blessings” I’m thankful for many things. I live a wonderful life, surrounded by loving friends and my beloved husband, Richard; I have the privilege of doing work which I love, and I’m thankful (yes, really) for being diagnosed with diabetes 11 years ago. Why am I thankful?

Do Something Great Every Day!

Learn to do something great everyday, whether it is for yourself or someone else. Learn how to put it in action in your daily life and watch what happens!.

Learn to Trust Yourself

How can you trust someone if you don’t trust yourself? You can’t. Read this article now and find out how to trust yourself and have a successful life.

Healing Dysfunction – Thanking the Past

“The child is the father of the man” wrote William Wordsworth in 1802, and it’s still true today. Childhood experience shapes the man or woman we are today. As children, we first learn behavior in the family setting, then later, as we try to make sense of things, we form beliefs around those behaviors.

Growing Up As an Adult

“Miracles do happen,” wrote Chaim Weizman, the first President of Israel “but one has to work very hard for them.” To grow up and out of a painful, dysfunctional past and all its leftovers-feelings, memories, pain, confusion, anger, fear, and persistent dysfunctional relationship patterns- may seem like a miracle, too wonderful to be possible. But it can be done, if you have the right tools and support.

Four Steps to Success

n my private counseling practice, clients often tell me, “I want to be happy!” We then set about making it a reality. As a psychotherapist, I know that Your habits, your relationships, your environment, and especially what you think about them determine more about how happy you are than your genes do; because I’ve watched so many people figure out how to meet their goals and create their own happiness.

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