5 Signs Will Happen When UNIVERSE Want You to Be With Someone [Do Not Ignore!!]

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

What would you change today if you could? There are No Limits here; you’ve already been empowered. I said, “if you could” so just assume that you can. With your answer in mind, ask yourself “how” you’ll do that, and then Listen. Perhaps this short little article will be therapeutic in a way. It will if you allow it to be. If you’ve been trying to change something and find that you’ve been unable to this point, please realize that you’re not alone. It’s easy to feel like “you’re the only one”, but most likely millions are going through the same process. I’m not saying to simply accept that “it’s normal” or trying to make you feel better with “misery loves company”. You’re not alone because there are those who can help you unravel the mystery that is similar to others, but uniquely yours.

What Is Preventing Us From Achieving Our Goals?

“We are always aiming for something with our actions. Our goals can be conscious or unconscious.” – Terttu Gronfors & Trygve Roos. Everything that we do really does have some kind of a goal behind it.

Forget Wall Street – All Investing Starts Here!

Why roll the dice and gamble your future on the unknown? The allure of Wall Street is failing! Yet, there is an investment that will pay huge dividends if you learn to invest in it right!

How Mentoring Works

Mentoring is one of the most powerful tools for personal development known to mankind. In essence there are three major ways to improve oneself: first, trial and error – a necessary but largely expensive way of doing so. The expense comes in the wasted time, money and emotion that trial and error predicates; it may be described as the ‘evolutionary’ approach – one may be dead before achieving the right solution! Second is modelling; this is a methodology much in vogue in the West since the advent of Neuro Linguistic Programming whose whole rationale was based on observing and imitating excellence. Another word for this would be the old fashioned concept of imitation: you did not, for example, attempt to write original poems, but you imitated the classics which had been created before. This is powerful. But third, and finally, we come to mentoring, arguably the most powerful method of all, and certainly the one with the longest pedigree.

Traits and States: How to Distinguish Between Them

With so many ‘psychometric’ type of tests on the market many people get confused, and the usual consequence of this is that they see them all as one thing; like imagining that they are all ice creams, only some are vanilla, others chocolate, and yet others still strawberry. One further result of this is thinking that they all really tell the same story.

How to Learn About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The key to professional development and leadership capability begins with the Greek maxim: know thyself. It’s lack of self knowledge – either grossly overestimating our abilities (one piece of research surveying 11,000 people found 33% of leaders overestimated their leadership ability) or profoundly underestimating what we are capable of (how many people do you know with chronically low self-esteem?) – that leads to failure. Here are five techniques for KNOWING YOURSELF even better. They are an excellent smorgasbord to be used in a coaching situation or to be drawn out in an appraisal discussion as the manager helps the employee get to grips with self-development.

Why Journalling Is So Important

For those interested in personal development there are many options: I certainly would rank meditation at the forefront of any program. After that, there is a smorgasbord to choose from. Some activities and techniques suit certain types of people better than others, so it is important to select carefully. I say this because writing is difficult for many people, and there can almost be a block about it because of early childhood experiences, particularly from school days whereby one ends up thinking that is one is ‘no good at writing’. Furthermore, one ends up concluding too that the requirement to write accurately and fluently is also an essential aspect of the process. Nothing could be further from the truth: yes, one does need to be able to write, but accuracy and fluency have little to do with it.

How Sure Are You That You Are Sure?

This old man was going to prove himself right by testing his wife. Read the surprise ending, and see if it relates to anything in your life.

News Ban

One of the worst things you can do for your positive thinking is to watch, listen and read the News. I have deliberately not watched the news for over five years now. I believe that all the negativity from the news media, leads people to think that the world is such a dreadful place and that there is a mugger around every corner. In which case, we should be mugged at least 300 times a year.

Self Knowledge – Ideal Self And Real Self

Are you often disappointed with yourself? Are you noticing thoughts like ‘I shouldn’t be doing or thinking this’? Are you being hard on yourself for not reaching your goals? The reason might be that there are big gaps between your ideal self-image and your real self.

How To Avoid The Perils of Conventional Wisdom

Life and living thrives on wisdom – conventional wisdom. Wisdom guides and inform us of the right path when we arrive at the crossroads of life. Often they help us make quick and safe judgments thereby protecting us from the uncertainties of trial and error. And always, they are the product of concerted and well thought out action of others to find solutions to the challenges of life.

Don’t Be A Liability

In accounting we have learnt about assets and liabilities, what they are and what value they bring or take away. Assets are the valuable possessions that can be used to determine the wealth of a company or a person. Liabilities are inevitable as they are needed to get by even though they are a cost to the company or the person as they reduce the value.

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