5 Secrets to Manifest Wealth and Abundance FAST [Money and The Law of Attraction]

How To Be Happy And Go With The Flow

Everybody wants to discover happiness and be happy. The world is full of misery and mayhem, wars and worry, evil and excrement. Surely it is possible to be happy and enjoy life rather then being dejected and enduring agony. The answer is you can enjoy the now, be happy and go with the flow. All it takes is knowing how to find the secret.

Opportunities in Calamities: How to Turn Bad Into Good

A poor attitude does not prepare you to deal with life’s calamities, so that you step into each disaster and assist the monster. Here’s a word on how to turn bad news into opportunities for growth – which can only be good.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Life’s Second Chances

When you were young, you would play games with your friends. Sometimes, right in the middle of the game, you could yell, “do-over!” This would immediately give you another chance to fix a mistake you made. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to yell, “do-over” for some of our life decisions and get a fresh start?

Avoiding the Present Experience

It is fairly common to avoid what we experience, specifically if we don’t like what the experience brings with it. Often, dare I say always, it is the emotional component that is disliked, unaccepted or denied.

Maximise Your Success For Your New Years Resolution

What area of your life you want to change? Christmas is fast approaching, and for many of us will be followed by an urge to start 2013 off with a resolution to make next year better than this year in one or more respect- a new year, a new beginning. The most common resolutions we make fall into the categories of improving our health, breaking a bad habit, improving our finances, learning something new, and spending more time with loved ones. Yet often we don’t follow through and by the time February arrives that resolution has either become a distant memory or a niggling feeling we try to ignore or put on the ‘when the time is right’ shelf.

Can You Predict What Will Happen in 2013 and Beyond?

If you want to predict what your life will be like in the future, take a careful look at, who you hang out with, what books you are reading or failing to read, what you are consistently doing, thinking and talking about. All these factors will give you a pretty clear indication of what will happen during 2013 and beyond. Does the picture that your commitment to all these factors, brings into your mind, excite or scare you?

Overcoming Your Fears

We live in a society that is fueled by fear, we make excuses and change the way we live in order to avoid these fears. Is your potential limited because of what you are afraid of? Learn how to identify and overcome these fears so that you can become the person you were meant to be.

What We Are

What we do comes from what we are. We must make sure that we are the right thing, and that the people we let into our lives are the right thing.

The Power of Gratitude

I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. I am a firm believer in the concept of, “you get what you give” and have seen it play out in my life (and the lives of others) on a regular basis. In everything we do and say in our lives, we are emitting energetic vibrations and those frequencies that we emit come back to us in the same fashion. (Some refer to it as karma).

Yet Another Humanitarian Project? [Part 3] Neighborly Love

When the causal links are still fresh and obvious, If only I hadn’t/If only she hadn’t… are likely regrets that many of us have had occasions to utter, even if only to ourselves. However, it should be understood that nothing we attempt will ever alter anyone’s karma. Thus, we must not hold ourselves responsible for any rescue that does not end as we had intended – nor should we compliment ourselves for any rescue that ends as wished, at a particular point in time.

Soul Searching in Self Development

Personal development requires a person to do soul-searching since the soul is an individual’s core and self-awareness. Self-awareness plays a big role in knowing aspects of your life that need improvement as it performs the function of linking the soul to your true self.

Snapshot From My Life: My Mother’s Stroke

I had the edifying experience of helping my mother survive a stroke. In the same week, she had her non-paralysed leg amputated. She went from being an active 77 year-old-who swam at the Y six days a week-to a person with only one functioning arm.

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