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Going Back to Basics in Speed Learning

Have you ever thought about how a child learns new things? Try looking at a small child and see the way they experience new things.

Maintenance Required

Nothing is really exempted from requiring maintenance. Not even us. We require maintenance on our bodies from the time we are born. We have daily routines to take care of ourselves. We have annual checkups. Some of us go a step further and exercise, eat right and take care of our bodies in hopes of a long healthy life.

Is Life Really a Game?

How many times have you heard “Life is a game?” Do YOU believe life is just a game? I do. Does my response surprise you? If so, keep the question hovering in your mind for a bit as I explain.

Are You in Integrity With YOU?

Do you know when you have fallen out of integrity with yourself? Do you even pay attention to that, understand what that means, or even consider why that would be important? I can guarantee you that if you understood what it meant and the impact it has to you, your spirit, your achievements and your dreams, let alone the impact it has to those around you, you would begin to pay close attention to it OR decide that it is less painful and easier to ignore it.

Can The Power Of Positive Thinking Really Change Your Outlook On Life?

While everybody has probably heard of the term positive thinking, not everybody believes it is something that can be used successfully. Most of the people who are skeptic about positive thinking power have never tried using it, so they just don’t understand just how successful it can be nor do they understand how powerful positive thinking is. Positive thinking alone can change your entire outlook on life and so much more, if it is used correctly.

Overcoming Challenges – How to Recognize and Move Beyond Life Changing Moments

A Life Changing Moment! Doesn’t that sound like something incredible…like a fantastic adventure, or an exciting opportunity to discover something new? It sounds like something we might embrace with enthusiasm, and yet we actually dread these experiences. Life changing moments are like we are being given a giant ladder, in the game of Snakes and Ladders, and if we choose to climb we can go higher and farther than we ever thought possible.

In God We Trust (Me I’m Not Sure About)

Belief in oneself often comes when we see what we’ve accomplished. If we don’t see what we’ve done, this can be a stumbling block. This is especially the case when we feel that we’re just doing what everyone else is doing anyway.

Self Improvement And Motivation – Who Do You Think You Are?

The need for self improvement and motivation is often one of the big starting points in the whole business of “how to change your life”. Let’s look a little more closely at the “self” bit of this business of self improvement and motivation.

Improve Your Mental And Emotional Health And Live A Fuller, Richer Life

Individuals who are mentally and emotionally healthy tend to be the masters of their behavior. Being healthy in both aspects enables an individual to take on life and its challenges all while building healthy relationships with the people they interact with and also leading lives that are not only productive but are also fulfilling. Bad things happen to everyone, whether you are a good person or not. If an individual is equipped with mental and emotional health, they find it easier to bounce back from any misfortune that life may throw at them.

Reputation Management Matters

Every person and business is interested in reputation management. Whether conscious or not of the importance of their reputation, for some consumers, online content may be the only way they have to access you and find out about your business. This means reputation management of your online presence is critical.

Self Help Tips – Making Friends Is A Lot Easier Than You Think!

There are just some people in this world that can walk into a room and immediately can walk up to a stranger and start up a conversation. These are the kind of people that seem to have it made when it comes to making friends. Then there are others, perhaps like yourself that simply struggle with trying to connect with other people and you find it simply difficult to step up and make that connection with people you hardly know and really find it hard to talk to someone that you don’t know at all.

Yes! It Is Possible To Achieve Personal Success In Your Life Without Changing Who You Are!

Everyone knows that a career is probably very important to a lot people but in order to be successful on a business level you really need to consider just how your personal life is going. You need to be able to be successful in your personal life in order to be truly successful anywhere else. Although what makes each person happy is different from one person to another, there are some basic things that remain the same. There are basic guidelines that relate to everyone and you can find those things listed here.

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