5 Minute Positivity Meditation

High School Education Level Mentorship – A Foundation for Holistic Human Capital Development

Mentors, teachers, parents, and guardians must sell the beautiful future that is only based on the scholars successfully going through all the milestones that lead to that future. Choice of study directions, degrees, diplomas, and careers must be integrated into their holistic human capital development journey. These are components of success in life. Success is a journey and integrated process that needs full attention at the individual level. It is also a partnership between all the stakeholders, with the mentor occupying much more prominent slot in the youth’s holistic human capital development journey.

Primary School Education Mentorship – A Special Intervention for Excellence

Primary education stage of a child is the most sensitive. It requires purposeful partnership between many stakeholders. What happens at school must be shared and made known to the home role payers in the most factual (and reliable) manner. A mentor would play valuable role here as he or she will package the information professionally and protect the integrity of all partners involved in the development of the child. The interest is always that of the child.

Growing Up – Life Lessons of The Journey From Childhood to Adulthood

Some life lessons I’ve learned on my journey from childhood to adulthood. Growing up can feel like a rollercoaster but just like a real one, there will be many ups and downs and all you need to do is hang on and enjoy the ride.

5 Questions to Unblock Yourself

We all sometimes feel blocked and don’t know which direction to take. The feeling of not being able to decide is usually a short-lived one that lasts the time we need to make up our minds, maybe by pondering on the pros and cons, maybe by following our intuition. But what about those times in which the immobility grows and grows and anxiety comes to make it even worse? Have you ever been so stuck that trying to decide which way to go is agony in itself? Let’s see if I can shed some light on this for you. Under those circumstances, ask yourself the following questions.

Safe and Sound Crisis Support – A Hands-On Guide

The word crisis – it conjures many images, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s as far-reaching as a bomb, harming hundreds and sending shock waves around the globe. Or maybe it’s as personal as a health crisis for you or a family member. Or perhaps it’s an animal companion in sudden need of first aid. Crises erupt and disrupt.

Why Your Deepest Feelings Have A Way Of Revealing Themselves Through Moments Of Silence

When did you last get in touch with your deepest feelings without the chaos of life dictating you? We seldom notice our deepest feelings when we’re consumed by chaos or raging thoughts. Yet, this is what many people experience because we’ve become accustomed to distractions and find it difficult to be in silence. I say this based on the many hundreds of people I’ve worked with over the past decade who echo this sentiment and look for ways to connect with their deeper self.

Are You Depressed or Are You Lost?

“Depressed” and “depression” are very common words in our daily conversations. Many of us have learned to use them instead of other, more accurate synonyms like: sad, melancholic, disappointed, miserable, unhappy, downcast, gloomy, etc. In fact, Merriam-Webster, the famous dictionary, defines “depressed” as feeling unhappiness. No wonder why so many people feel depressed! And from there to feeling sick and incapable to thrive, there’s a very little step. Convince yourself of something, and that is what you’ll have.

The Truth About You And Spiritual Enlightenment Leading You To Creating The Life You Want Today

One thought we can be sure of about the past or the future is that it is not here. To think about it at all is to think about illusions. An illusion is not something, but rather nothing-something that is “not here.” Very few people through spiritual direction have realized what is actually entailed in picturing the past, or in anticipating the future. Let’s be sure not to confuse the mind with the brain. The brain is your body. Your mind is of you-but it is not you, not the true self. The mind is actually blank when it does its picturing or imaging of past and future.

Opening A Vein

My first writing assignment at SMU was to write my own obituary. It was challenging but memorable obviously. When the professor read my paper in front of the class, I was floored. I got an A+ which was rare for me at Southern Methodist University.

Acquired Vs Learned Beliefs

I couldn’t have been much older than 8 or 9 years old, maybe even younger. It was one of those extended family reunions. We were all sitting around the table at my aunt’s house. I don’t even remember the occasion but clearly recall having quite a few of my cousins around or near me.

Do You Speak Like a Millennial? Here’s How to Tell

We have all heard the term “millennial” and know that it is the term typically used to describe individuals born between the early 1980’s and mid-1990’s. Individuals born during this time often have some unique styles of speaking. Do you speak like a millennial? Here are a few ways to tell:

Are You Confident or Arrogant?

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is about your relationship with yourself. It’s regarding yourself as competent, and liking who you are as a person. It is not about seeing yourself as perfect-simply good enough. Arrogance is about your relationship with others; seeing yourself as better or more accomplished than they are: it can be rooted in poor self-confidence, as a compensation for a poor self-image or poor relationship with yourself. It’s worth knowing the difference, because it has a big influence on your interactions with others, and your success in work and relationships. Here are some subtle signs that can cause people to think you’re arrogant or confident: How do you think you relate?

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