5 Minute Morning Meditation to feel the Golden Light Energy

Why Is My Life So Hard – Fifty Questions You Need To Ask

If we’re serious about changing our reality then we must be serious about asking the best reality-shaping questions. Better questions produce a better mindset, decisions, actions, reactions and overall, better results. Asking ourselves intelligent, relevant and courageous questions puts us in a more creative, positive and solution-focused head space.

Personality Development Tips and the Action Plan for Improvement

Personal development is not a simple thing to do. It requires a lot of determination, courage and will power. At any stage in the life, a person can bring changes in his personality. It means a man remains incomplete throughout his life.

It’s Not the Job You Do, It’s the Way You Do It

Everybody would probably love to be working in a field that they love; however, some may feel that’s just not possible given their current circumstances. If you are currently doing work that you no longer enjoy, try taking the necessary steps to get to where you want to be. It doesn’t mean quitting your current job straightaway, it just means looking for opportunities to monetize where your passions lie. Start planning how you are going to get there. What new skills do you have to learn? What new places do you have to network? You should, however, perform your current position to the best of your abilities. Be positive that whatever job you are doing now is not forever. Positive energy is essential to shape your attitude. No matter how bad your current situation is or how bad your boss may treat you, stay positive, you will build resolve and show your mind that nothing can get you down.

Best Self Help Books – Follow Them to Bring Positive Change in Your Life

Self help books help you a lot in developing your personality and life style. These are the books which improve your moral character, behavior, attitude and thinking.

Achieve Life Goals and Career Guidance Through Personality Preference Testing

Personality testing, also known as personality preference testing assists individuals seeking insight into the decision-making process in life choices. The assessments help an individual understand emotion and thought preferences, from which he subsequently makes life decisions based on those preferences. The most common use is to identify psychologically compatible occupations. There are a number of first tier personality preference tests. At the top of the list is the MBTI.

When You Master Love You Master Life

Everyone has their own path in life and living a life full of love is a magical thing. To be able to look at people and situations in life and see how we can find love in everyone!

Dancing With the Sun, Moon, and Stars for Success

Working with the rhythmic timings of nature is like listening to the music when you dance. There is a certain musical point when it is most effective to begin the movement or step on to the dance floor – the count of one. The same holds true for the creational dance of your life. Certain points make the best time to take powerful and intentional steps into the flow of creation.

Feeling Good About Feeling Good About You

It seems absurd when you think about it but the fact is we are our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving happiness in our lives. We tend to beat ourselves up over minor defeats and convince ourselves that we cannot do something before we even try. A persistent pattern of this behavior means we are suffering from low self esteem and we need to do something about it.

Habits First, Success Follows

Successful and non successful people all have habits. It matters not what you define as success. That is a personal definition and we are now successful or we have and tried to achieve that at some time or other. What you consider to be success is part of your “WHY”. Your “‘HOW” and “WHAT” are part of your method and process of getting there. Reference to Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Your Why”. The challenge is to realize what habits you need to identify in order to achieve your defined success. So the simplistic process being used here is this: – 1. Define what you call success for you. 2. Determine what habits you will need in order to achieve and maintain that success. 3. Start to work on yourself to acquire those habits.

Live in the Moment – It Is What It Is!

Live in the moment… I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the saying as it’s become a popular “catch phrase”. So… what exactly does it mean? Why is it so important?

Emotional Excavation – Embracing and Understanding How You Feel

Emotions can feel frightening, nebulous, confusing, painful, freeing, life-giving, cathartic, and so much more. They are our felt experience of our lives and of ourselves. In the purest sense, emotion consists of sensation felt in the physical body. However, because our bodies and minds are inextricably linked, our emotions take on an intellectual component. This is where things begin to get sticky. What begins as a simple sensation becomes layered with the beliefs, value-judgments, and assumptions we harbor within us. Let’s take a look at how you can use your emotions to uncover those hidden beliefs and use them to better understand and embrace who you are.

When Trouble Occurs Unexpectedly, How Do I Handle It?

You need to know that achievement is the result of your own capability. If you want to resolve any situation, you must act accordingly.

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