5 Minute Morning Meditation for Feeling Powerful

How to Gain Confidence Using 4 Simple Words

If you have spent any time reading the countless books on self-improvement, personal development and success, you most likely have noticed a similar theme running through them all. In order to become successful, regardless of how you define success, you must cultivate a healthy self-image. One of the key components necessary to attain and maintain a positive self-image is confidence. Today you will learn a concept that once understood and applied will increase your confidence level in any area you desire.

How to Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions

I must admit that more resolutions fall by the wayside than become part of my life. I have a feeling that most people are the same. Ever wonder why? I did and I have come up with a few tricks to up the success rate on the most “popular” resolutions. This multi-part article sets out to show you what I’ve learned and hopefully it will help you up your resolution success percentage too!

Repentance From Dead Works

In Hebrews 6:1 God is addressing the specific issue of repentance from ‘dead works’. What we must begin to understand is that this is not just for new believers. God desires for this truth to be a foundation in our life that we can build upon. Repenting from dead works means that you have embraced the fact that there is only ONE thing that can deal with the veil that separates humanity from God.

Unlocking Creativity – Vanquishing the Demons of Self-Doubt

Creativity is bursting to get out, but like a timid cat, doesn’t know where it will land, will it be safe, will people like me, will they be bored, critical or just laugh. It’s like the real me is in here, and everyone can probably see it anyway. SO today I am taking the leap and starting, and it’s about the joy and beauty of expression and vanquishing those personal, self doubting demon thoughts.

Some Ways Gratitude Can Be A Benefit To Your Life

Even in the worst situation there is always something that can be found to be grateful for. It may not always be easy to find, but it is there, just waiting to be discovered. Feeling Gratitude when things are tough may seem like an impossible feat, but it has been proven that finding things that you’re thankful for on a daily basis, you’re overall mental health will start to improve.

Human Life – A Blessing or Curse Depending Upon Your Mindset

What is mind. What’s the role and importance of mind in our day to day life. How we relate and what is the role of mind in our life.

How To Create Extraordinary Results In Your Life

Do you want to learn how you can create extraordinary results in your life? If your answer is a yes, this is the right place for you. You are going to learn how you can produce amazing results and outstanding success that you always desire. Are you ready for it?

Become Present and Wake Up to Enjoy Happiness in Your Life

Too often do people miss the beauty in their life. Becoming present will allow you to truly feel alive and realize the beauty of what is around you. Don’t walk around asleep any more!

Overcome Depression With Exercise

Many turn to therapy and medication for fighting depression.  Are these the most effective solutions?

Are You Going Back To School?

Learning is a lifelong journey. Many people are learning during their career or even after retirement.

How to Reach Self-Mastery?

Self mastery is the ability to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health. In other words, to be the best you can be. As a result of your efforts, you will be able to help everyone around you. It is paradoxical but in order for you to change the world around you, for the better, the best way is to change yourself for the better.

How To Have a Success Mindset Using Self Discipline!

In order to have a success mindset, using self discipline is the main ingredient. You see, discipline is the key to having and doing whatever you want in life.

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