5 Minute Morning Meditation for a Great Day

Now That You’ve Survived the Holidays, This Is the FIRST Thing You Need to Do

Some of you responded to my last article with appreciation for one of my New Year rituals (that helps me reflect on the year behind and ahead) and said you would like to do something similar. So here it is… the way I like to start each year. I sit down and I write out the following.

So Many Choices!

What if I told you that you were in charge of the happiness in your life simply through each and every choice you make? What if I told you that your happiness depends on no one else but you; that if you are miserable it is because you have chosen misery. If you are happy, it is because you have chosen happiness. Confused? This piece explains my theory with perfect clarity.

4 Enticing Examples to Win Over Any Boss

Getting on anyone’s good side could be a difficult task-never mind your bosses. In this article, I write about four enticing examples of ways that you can get on your bosses good side and stay there.

Watching Your Thoughts Is The Starting Point

Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of England and held that position from 1979 to 1990. Her story was recently portrayed in a movie entitled “The Iron Lady” starring Meryl Streep. One of the most powerful scenes, I believe, was when Mrs. Thatcher was talking with her physician after being sent to him by family and staff who believed that she was losing her mind.

Pilgrims and Problem Solving

Have you ever felt like you were walking a very uncomfortable road without really knowing what will be different if you reach the end of the journey? If you have, then you have felt the way pilgrims feel after the initial excitement has passed and the end is not yet in sight. Maybe this is even true now. You might be struggling with chronic pain, with illness, with a job situation that never seems to get better, with an unsatisfying relationship. All of these situations can feel like a pilgrimage, a journey you undertake to grow your life and understand yourself in relation to a much bigger reality. For many people, this is a spiritual journey. I wonder if your current struggles could be helping you to develop your knowledge of yourself in a way that connects you to faith and to love?

Adult Children of Alcoholics – A New Year a New You

Adult children of alcoholics often believe that true healing is not possible. This of course is a falsehood–a lie that must be confronted–in order for the ACoA to understand the divine ability of the human mind. Healing is possible–if of course you learn to embrace the understanding–that you are not your thoughts–your emotions–or your past.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – How to Transcend the Pain

For many who are in pain–and feel as if their souls are stuck in what Eckhart Tolle describes as a ‘pain body’–it can be almost impossible to believe that within ones own being–lies the ability to transcend painful present realities. In spite of the fact–that human beings consistently shift realities throughout a normal day–rarely does one take the time to ‘think’ or to ‘ponder’ about such a divine ability–or how one might harness that god like creative power within–so to master ones own life. When a human being shifts their emotional vantage points–for…

Adult Children of Alcoholics and The Stem Link to Their Mothers

ACoA’s struggle with understanding why they sometimes do what they do and feel what they feel. Science now confirms that because mothers and their children literally share the same cells, offsprings of alcoholics carry within their cells similar vibrational and energetic frequencies. These frequencies are responsible for what one attracts into ones life–good or otherwise.

Peeling An Onion

How do we take everything that has happened to us throughout our lives and set these events aside in order to move forward with our lives? In this article you will learn how to “Peel the onion” that is your life so you can become fully present in this moment.

Why Does The Wealthy Have More Money Then the Middle Class? This Gap Is Due To Your Mind Set

The mind is a very powerful tool to lead someone to the road or wealth and success or can lead someone to the road of failure. But, there is never too late to change your ways to turn your bad situation to on positive note. I have read the book on leading experts and written this article to give the same basic advise in a short version. There a number of actions that can change out life and our mind set to lead down the road of success and wealth. Read more of about my personal struggle and how I was about to turn it all around.

Can Basic Goodness Improve Individual Confidence and Inspire Societies to Live in Healthier Ways?

Healthy living starts with accepting ourselves completely and understanding that we are born with natural or basic goodness. In this goodness we can rest knowing we already have the inner resolve needed to face any challenge our life may present.

Steps To Making Solid Resolutions

Making a resolution can be a cliche. I have given steps to help you stick with the goals you set at the beginning of the year. When making resolutions know that it may take more than a year to realize your goal.

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