5 Minute Morning Meditation Because You Deserve to Feel Good Today

Did You Know Your Unconditional Love Bucket Is Riddled With Holes?

Did you know the reason most of us have difficulty achieving happiness, is because the bucket that we use to carry around the unconditional love we receive from the world, is riddled with holes? If we want to be happy, have happy children, and happy relationships, it is very important that we learn how our bucket got so holey, and what we need to do to repair it.

Who Are You? It Sounds Like a Simple Question

Who are you? It sounds like a simple question. Sometimes the person most difficult to be honest with is you.

Why Would You Ever See a Therapist?

Some people “obviously need to see a therapist.” For others, most in fact, the wide variety of tools used in therapy can free up old patterns of thinking and behaving that have become self-limiting. This article explains how working with the right therapist can lead to even more possibilities for happiness.

The Universal Laws of Mind and Spirit and Why You Should Know About Them!

There are fundamental and Universal Laws of mind and spirit at work in your life, right now that were created out of love, which will produce every good in your life, if you choose to work with them. However, most people do not realize this.

The Benefits of Online Aptitude Testing

Online aptitude testing is a popular way of gauging a person’s ability to perform well in given situations. It is a common tool that companies use as a pre-employment requirement. Online aptitude testing is done by putting together a structure of tests that assess different areas such as logic, problem solving, and linguistic capacity.

How Does It Feel to Be Depressed?

Depression can be identified through its symptoms and signs. They may vary from person to person and they may not even be signs of depression at all. If you are unsure of those overwhelming and disabling feelings, check if you have the following: unexplained aches and pains, concentration problems, loss of interest and energy, self-loathing, appetite or weight changes, irritability and restlessness, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. These are symptoms and signs of depression. To be depressed just feels horrible!

Kingdom Within – Take A Pilgrimage

What have you discovered today that you did not know? No, I do not mean media hype, world disasters, or Hollywood gossip. Consider what would make your life easier, more effective, interesting and more enjoyable. Take a Pilgrimage.

Change – Fast Paced Change Is Unavoidable

People have changed, times have changed, our tools have changed and it is all speeding up. How do we cope in this ever changing environment without losing our sense of safety and security? What tools or habits do we need to develop, where do we need to let go and how do we have to change our thinking to be able to keep up with the change? Life in the 21st century pushes us to live close to the edge of our comfort zone. Change is ever present and is only going to speed up in our lifetimes. How do we cope, how can we get used to the feelings it brings up? How can we feel safe and not feel completely out of control. The answer is to focus closer to home instead of trying to control a bigger and bigger area around ourselves. The following paragraphs give you some ideas on how to accomplish that.

The End Is in Sight

At the age of fifty-one I walked away from my long-term marriage. It was time to get out of what had become a “keeping on, keeping on” life that had long ago dissolved into a soul-emptiness of habit and habitat.

Do You Believe What You Perceive?

Our perception is a mirror of our state of mind. Our state of mind determines many of our feelings, as well as much of our experience. What we perceive and experience changes as we change our state of mind. If you want to change your feelings and your experience of life, then change your state of mind.

The Importance of Moral Values

Moral values entail having integrity, conviction, a personal sense of what feels right and wrong. Being true to our own moral values means standing firm and true to our conscience and belief code, even if it puts us at a disadvantage.

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Moving From Enemy To Best Friend

One of the most damaging things we do to ourselves is to beat ourselves up with our words. Men, women and children, alike, are constantly putting themselves down in both their thoughts and words. It’s time to stop the barrage of negativity in our lives. The truth is…you are precious, I am precious and we all are precious. Each and every one of us is worthy in our own right. We make mistakes because…we are human. We drop things…because we are human. We can’t be perfect at everything…because we are human.

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