5 Minute Morning Meditation A Positive Start to Your Day

Letting Go of the Past, Seeing Things Differently

If you’re interested in trying something new, don’t let a fear of failure stop you. Keep an open mind and realized that everybody falls down sometimes. What’s important is whether you decide to get past your fears and try again.

The Main Reason Why People Procrastinate

Do you have a habit of avoiding important task but your not sure why? You are not the only one.

5 Simple Steps to Change Your Beliefs and Create Confidence

Our beliefs determine our state of mind, our behaviors, and overall how we live our lives. Having control of our beliefs will aid in living our lives by design rather than by accident.

What Is It to Be Good? Why Self-Sacrifice Is Wrong and Principles Are So Important

This article, which attempts to answer the question, ‘What is it to be good?’, relates to the behaviour in which people sacrifice themselves through giving to others their time, money or labour to the detriment of themselves and against their own personal interests. The motive is usually to receive approval or love in return – also called ‘people pleasing’ behaviour. This behaviour is given philosophical and religious credibility through the notion that self-sacrifice is a moral good. The argument here is that self-sacrifice is negatively motivated and leads to resentment and anger. We should positively judge our behaviour not according to the sacrifices we make but how well our behaviour accords with and expresses our principles.

A Great Master Whom I Knew – And What I Learned

After Receiving My black belt back in 1975, and having trained very hard, I thought that I was fairly good at what I did- karate. My world expanded greatly after meeting a very special person. Here’s the story.

The Importance of Self-Commitment for Achievement of Your Goals

You have most probably heard of the drill called “how to achieve what you want”. Firstly, you need the clarity of your wishes and desires. Then you transform those into goals and start working on their fulfillment. And wow, sometimes you even have a good plan of how to go about achieving all those wonderful and exciting goals. And then…it all goes horribly wrong. Have you ever wondered why?

The Art and Science of Building Rapport

Do you feel frustrated and ineffective when interacting with a significant other, family member, friend, client, boss or co-worker? The science and art of rapport is based on practical neuroscience principles and tools. Anyone can succeed improving communication rapport with a little practice.

Make Your Self at Home!

After my last move, just a few weeks ago, it became clear to me that it doesn’t matter how grand the size, or fancy the landscaping. It’s the energy that fills the home that really creates a sense of comfort.

How Childhood Messages Can Influence Your Adult Mindset

Your mindset and mental state is the most important tool you have to achieve your goals. However your mindset during adulthood has many influences underpinning it, including from the messages you received whilst you were still a child. This article aims to explore some of the ways your adult mindset is influenced by your childhood, and how this influencing can affect your mindset and achievement of goals in life.

Don’t Believe Everything You Say, Your Midlife Brain Will Thank You

Stress is everywhere and it’s now known that stress is bad for the brain. Stress in the form of what we tell ourselves can damage the midlife brain and is one stress we can control. Find out why you must watch what you say, even if it’s to yourself and how to snap out of negative self talk.

How Do You Deal With Rude People? The 1 Effective Way to Deal With Rude People

Do you treat other people poorly are badly if they mistreat you? Have you ever been in a situation with a friend where they were rude or disloyal to you? In that situation, did you feel you had to do something to get back at them? Were you rude or nasty to them in return of what they did to you? How other people treat you should not have anything to do with how you treat them.

Words Of Wisdom To My Younger Self

Sometimes we wish we could go back in time and tell our younger selves what we know now. If I could offer some words of wisdom or encouragement to that insecure kid, that lost 20 year old or that broken 30 year old, this is what I would say.

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