5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

The Secret Ingredient in Difficult Conversations: Acknowledgment

I’m writing a new book about how to manage and resolve employee conflict. One of the key ingredients in working with conflict and possibly the most underutilized communication skill is acknowledgment. Acknowledgment is the secret to turning difficult conversations around. Because it demonstrates a willingness and ability to reflect back a view or thought process that is different and possibly in opposition to your own, acknowledgment makes a powerful statement. It says, “I heard you, I’m trying to understand, and this is the meaning I’m making out of what I heard.” It shows respect and a disposition toward resolution…

Understanding The Law Of Manifestation To Get The Life You Want

Having a nice physical world with nice material form that will one day perish, seems to be what everyone is interested in. The truth is that you do not need those things life to be fulfilled and successful. It is essential to be serious about your life and the important things that you do need to cover your ‘WHY’. Never treat your life as something that does not matter. To be on your way to being happy, and seeing and learning how to become successful in life, you have to operate by the law of manifestation. Thinking about the important things that you need to answer for your WHY is going to keep you on the ideal track to being as proficient at something as you can be.

A Student Asks a Teacher About Love

I don’t know how to love and not take on, empathize, feel the pain of those whom I love. Can we love people and not be attached to them? Is it possible to not ache when they are in pain? Is it possible to not take on their suffering and sadness? Is it possible to not be attached to their physical presence in our lives? And is that even desirable?

7 Question-Starters for Your Success-Sprint

Questions have proved powerful triggers to jump start your personal journey of transformation. This is not new. In fact, you’ve always been asking yourself questions subconsciously each passing moment. All that you have to learn is to identify the one’s which are stopping you from being who you deserve to be and replace them with the powerful ones which can help you take a Quantum Leap in Personal Growth.

Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy

It is so important to do what is right, not what is easy, when you believe in something, even when the rest of the world seems against you. Yes, it takes a lot of courage to be in a situation that requires you to stand alone. But why avoid such a confrontation just to feel safe and never live a full life.

Manifesting Money, Attracting Wealth And The Law Of Abundance Understood

Is there a psychology of money and if so, what is your attitude to having wealth? Or do you believe that wealth and success are booked just for those other “fortunate” individuals in this world? Take a good look at exactly what you have today; take a look at what does it cost? I mean the financial freedom you have, your possessions, and your investments if you have any. Are you satisfied, or are you simply going through the motions, and settling for whatever the world tells you that you can have? Take a look around at everything you have today, and then search in the mirror, and ask yourself is there any such thing as instant manifestation? Because everything you have today, YOU have actually developed in your mind previously.

Even With The Best Of Intentions, We Sometimes Don’t Get It Right

Even with the best of intentions, we sometimes don’t get things right simply because our blind spots prevent us from seeing what is right, or doing what will help us to achieve our goals. I recently had a conversation with someone who has been visualizing her goals in a way that did not give her the results she was looking for.

When Your Failures Are In Your Head

All of us see failures differently. Some of us imagine them or think we are experiencing them even before they happen.

How I Filter Negativity

Not everything deserves our attention. I remember being ignored as a young child when I was not on my best behaviour. My mother taught me through her response that I will only get attention if I behave. Thinking back, when I was about four or five, my mother was heavily pregnant with my younger sister, it was not possible for her to give her 100% attention to me. Isn’t life the same?

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

When you read or hear that stars can’t shine without darkness, it means that without bad things happening in your life, you would not realize what the good ones are. It is when you are only going through dark days that you know what you capable of. Life doesn’t end; it’s rather a new beginning.

Attain The Mind Of A Millionaire And Begin To Attract Abundance And Prosperity

How to develop a millionaire mindset by understanding the law of abundance is the belief that what you need is readily available to you in endless quantities. Individuals who think that understanding this law is the crucial to happiness think that thanks to it, there’s no limitation to the things we can have. I mean like getting out of debt and how to become wealthy by learning how to attract abundance and prosperity. The power of the universe produces everything in endless quantities and you can have as much of it as you desire simply by developing the mind of a millionaire. Lots of people try to learn how to develop a millionaire mindset by making out a check to themselves and looking at it every day. This act is basically a creative visualization that’s meant to keep your focus on monetary success.

The Perils of Being Too Open Minded

We all think it is great to be open minded. We will accept everything more readily without having to think much about it. Even the most outrageous views will get a hearing from us. But is this really advantageous to us all the time? However, there are times that you should not be open minded. The worry is if you are too open minded, you may believe things that are well downright false just because the arguments are presented in a fashion that seems appealing. In order to think clearly, however, we must take the time to really think about certain arguments before we agree to them. In this article, I show you how to think much more clearly by not thinking with the crowd and taking the time to discover what you really think.

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