5 Minute Mindful Meditation to be more Calm

Just How Personal Is Your Personal Development?

Sigmund Freud once said “We are born with a pleasure principle, that we will seek immediate gratification of needs, for which our bodies reward us with feelings of pleasure. The reverse is also true, and the pain principle says that, whilst seeking pleasure, people will also seek to avoid pain”.

Change Your Bad Habits Into Good Ones!

When you change your bad habits into good habits, you’ll experience a powerful impact on your life for the better! Find inspiration by learning from the good habits of successful people and you can enjoy the same outstanding results.

Stories and Thoughts – Change Them and Change Your Life

Stories are a testament to the power of words. Whether written, spoken or thought, our words shape our world and our lives. Here’s how I changed my world.

Give Permission to Receive the Things You Deserve – Law of Allowing

When we want to attract something to our life and it’s not coming to us, it is because we are not allowing that thing to be in our life. Allowing means making our vibrations match the vibration of what we want. When we are in alignment we allow things to happen. When we feel unhappy, when we feel sad, when we feel unsatisfied, or feel any negative feelings, we are blocking our energy. We are not aligned.

Life Is EASY – Your Resistance Is What Is Making It Difficult!

Most of us resist the belief that life is easy. According to Wordreferenc.com, resistance means, “the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with.” Maybe you don’t really disapprove or disagree that life is easy, but you don’t believe that it is, based on your experiences. Unfortunately, a lot of people haven’t had the life they want because they resist change.

You Can’t Afford Not to Read Everyday

You can’t afford not to read everyday! Reading keeps your mind sharp, and if you are reading good books it will change your thinking. If you change your thinking, you will change your attitude.

Key Qualities Of Hard Workers – Part 2

To be a hard worker takes more than saying you want to be one. It will require you to take the necessary steps to acquire these key qualities. Believe it or not but it means that you will need to work hard to get them. There will be no time to play but all work. If at any time it seems to be overwhelming push harder and keep going. Below you will find out how to be a hard worker.

Key Qualities Of Hard Workers – Part 1

What are the qualities of a person that works hard even during tough times to stay on track? As I thought about this question it struck me right then and there that very few people have these qualities or want to acquire them. The key term used is “hard worker” so acquiring them will require some hard dedicated work on your part. It is not only about the hard work but also the discipline, experience, and knowledge gained during the learning process.

Becoming a Team Player in Life

Are you wondering how important your attitude is in business? There have been thousands and thousands of surveys done over the years with businesses asking them what the number one problem and complain they have with employees is. Time and time again the answer has come back the exact same. Employers are tired of horrible attitudes in the workplace from their employees.

Create a Sense of Urgency

One thing none of us know is how long we’re going to live. Ben Basic, who is one of the survivors on the January, 2009 “Miracle on Hudson” flight that landed in the Hudson River after birds damaged the engine, says, “”Think about how you want to write today’s page. Live, laugh, love and dance like tomorrow are not guaranteed.”

Failing to Prepare Is Preparing to Fail

Regardless of what arena you step into, the steps and sacrifices you’ve completed prior to your actions will always dictate what results you achieve with your actions. Those who succeed are the warriors who PREPARED for these challenges, who put in the work before the game began.

Becoming Your Best Self – 10 Ways to Say “I Love Me!”

With all of the ideas out there to show others you love them, do you know how to say “I love you” to yourself? Here are 10 suggestions to keep you on the track of self love and self esteem.

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