5 Minute Meditation ~ You Are Free to Be Yourself

Quantum Change

A Quantum Change in Mankind. There are many deep seated problems that are apparent in the world which demand the need for a drastic change to take place. Many people with good intention go out into the world and try their utmost in so many different ways to overcome the endless maladies that we endure day after day. I have great admiration for many people who are in the process of doing this, but sadly, I believe it is deeply flawed despite the purity of intention.

Is Job Security a Thing of the Past?

The unemployment level in the US has gone through the roof as companies respond to the most recent market slowdown by laying off workers. Significant amounts of hard-working citizens have found themselves out of work and frantic for alternatives.

Have You Assigned Yourself Any Personal Rights?

It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed in the kind of fast paced and constantly changing world we live in. Everyone wants something from us and we tend to expect the same from others. Few people involved in this process of give and take have bothered to set the kind of safety limits that allow them to deal with others in a manner that protects everyone involved. These limits are your personal rights and if you haven’t assigned them to yourself, you should.

That Laughing Bad Boy

As I sit here, there are tears in my eyes as pain is beginning to come to clarity. For months I have been struggling to write my weekly Guts of the Matter articles and the words have not come. Or if they have, they are not about what is really going on with me. What is really going on? Change–that laughing bad boy–has had my heart and soul in his grasp and I’ve been gasping and fighting his pull. Damn it! Confusion and fear come with change. Different choices come with change. He laughs with delight as he drags us into places unknown and unasked for. But spit happens! And change calls us out of our comfort zone whether we like it or not.

Life’s Most Important Lessons – Part 2

If there is one message that every parent will hear repeatedly from their own children, over and over again when they are growing up, as if some secret society of kids had conspired to construct the mantra in order to deliberately annoy their parents, it is this: it’s not fair! But do you know something, I think that we – the parents – ought to have made that message our own mantra.

Finding Your Meaning

Finding out where we belong in life is very important, and that answer can be gained by going inward. We intrinsically already know what we are meant for; we just tend to overlook this. We instead look outside of ourselves for the answers, assuming they will come from somewhere or someone else.

The Gift of ‘Real Moments’

This year, remember that the greatest gifts are Real Moments – the times when you can deeply connect with the people you care about. Share conversation. Listen to each other. Laugh. Learn about each other. Love unconditionally. We don’t need a holiday to do these things, but interestingly, we tend to miss the opportunities during the typical holiday hustle and bustle.

Get Ready For Your Restoration

Has your life been devastated in some way? Has Satan attacked your family, you marriage, your health or your finances? If so, then it’s time to get fed up, march into Satan’s camp, look him square in the eye and shout, “Your time is up, devil!” You may be under the greatest pressure you have ever been under, but now is not time to give up and quit. Now is the time to make a quality decision to stand firm. It is time to get back everything Satan has stolen from you. Proverbs 6:31 It is time to start declaring restoration in your home.

How to Understand Body Language

People pick up on what we really think whether we know it or not.  One way we convey our thoughts is in our body language.

Seeing the Real Problem

As someone who conducts personal development sessions and related management and soft skills courses of all kinds, I get to see a lot of people seeking to solve a while variety of problems, of all kinds.  What I have noticed, over the years, is that most of the people who attend these courses do not generally consider the possibility that they themselves might be the source of their own problems and any suggestion that this might be the case is often dismissed out of hand.

Life’s Most Important Lessons – Part 3

My mum died last year. In her life she taught me many things, but the one lesson I most remember is that honesty is the best policy.

The Drama of the Interrogator

The Drama of the Interrogator is to criticise, condemn & complain. I criticise my frustrated ability. When my ability is frustrated and does not come up to standard, it is open to piercing criticism of what I am doing.

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