5 Minute Meditation – Violet Light Flower Energy

How Can Speed Learning Help Us Get Our Dream Job?

Learn some tips in this article on how to stay competitive in the corporate world. Also read about some tips that will help you become comfortable with change.

The 3 Styles of Living Life: What’s Your Style?

There are 3 ways people live life and only one of them will lead to a life of fulfillment. Discover what the 3 styles are, which one you are living, and how you can change your style (if needed).

Our Response To Discouragement Holds The Key To Our Future

Discouragement is part of life. It can come from problems in your family, your church, your need for a job, the battle for the future of our country, and even the status of the economy. But we must face it and move on in spite of the discouragement. This holds the key to our future success that we are moving on to accomplish things knowing that there will be more discouragement in our future.

Weight Control: The Blame Game And How It Keeps You Fat!

Have you been struggling to take the weight off? Struggling to keep it off? The Blame Game! We all play it.

Constantly Reminded

It is so easy to get distracted in our daily routines. Some distractions are from others but we also have distractions in our minds where we are reminded, for whatever reason, how we have failed someone in the past.

Communication Is the Enemy of Conflict

Wars are raging all around us. Political battles fought daily in the work place, in government and in our family circle. The symptoms are many – jealousy, personal infringements and one upmanship are common, but mostly it is a turf war – a war over territory, whether that is physical territory such as a piece of ground or metaphysical territory.

How Is Your Table Etiquette?

This is information gathered over the years after teaching etiquette and grace to young students (high school). If you want to be a “class act” you will want to read the articles about etiquette available to you. They may change the way others perceive you. And, isn’t perception real?

Are You Conscious Of Your Subconscious?

The progress made in neuroscience has allowed researchers to ask more complex questions about what improves our personal health, relationships, happiness, wellbeing, and life. Today as researchers address these fundamental questions, one of the most important ones is: What happens in our brain when we shift the focus of our attention? Most certainly, the focus of our thoughts affects the firing and wiring of brain cells-neurons. But it is not those thoughts, in and of themselves, that fire and wire neurons. Truly, what makes our thoughts so powerful is that they cause direct changes to our emotional states.

Play to Win – Practice What You Know!

This is the reason why people are not happy and don’t have what they want. They don’t take action. They don’t practice what they learn. More than 90% of self-improvement efforts fail and the reason is that people never put the concepts into practice. They believe that information is enough to get what they want. They believe that the Universe will do the “work” for them.

Benefits of Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

A lot of people are terrified of the thought of speaking in front of a large crowd, but did you know that you stand to gain a lot just by reaping the benefits of conquering the fear of speaking in public? Glossophobia is the technical term for the fear of public speaking. People who suffer from glossophobia have a tendency to freeze in front of any audience, even if it’s just two people in the audience.

It Is Not So Difficult to Conquer The Fear of Public Speaking

Most people think that it is extremely hard to conquer the fear of public speaking. But if you just try to comprehend the fundamental principles and main beliefs about conquering fear then you might be taken aback to see that it is not so hard to conquer the fear of public speaking after all. One of the most widespread fears that people have when it comes to speaking in front of a gathering of people is that they do not want to appear stupid whenever they make an…

Optimism is Great, But What is Really Important is Intelligent Optimism

Researchers have recently discovered that part of the optimism we experience is actually wired-in, in other words, it’s genetic. And this can be a problem for some people. What you should really be looking for is intelligent optimism, and this article shows you how to get it.

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