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Decided to Improve Yourself? Great! Now What?

Self-Improvement can encompass any aspect of your life from your career to your spirituality. The conscious choice to improve is a big step. Once you’ve made it, you feel great, but now where do you go?

The Number One Reason People Fail in Self-Improvement and How You Can Overcome It

When you set up a specific goal, an area of personal development, it sounds great in the beginning. Then life gets in the way. Several topics may surge up to the top with just as much frustration. This makes it difficult to choose between both topics. You’ll probably be tempted to try and work on both at the same time. Learn why you shouldn’t do that and how it can impede reaching your goals.

Taming Uncertainty

It seems uncertainty is the medium with which the almighty ensures his space in this universe. Uncertainty begins to rule one’s life from the moment of conception itself. Irrespective of miraculous advancement of science and technology uncertainty rules the roost. Nobody can predict what will happen to one’s life, what course it is likely to take next moment.

Life’s Bumps in the Road – Dealing Compassionately With Incontinence

Most all of us, at some point in time, will find ourselves helping someone overcome embarrassment, indignation, humiliation and frustration over the mere thought of losing control of their own bodily functions – specifically that which is called incontinence. The need to consider using incontinence protection does not have to be a traumatic experience. Educate yourself to help calm your fears and inhibitions. Be your own best advocate.

What Change Looks Like

Your brain doesn’t like change and will want you to keep you at your “set point”, so you’re going to slip up on the way to forming new habits. That doesn’t matter unless you let it. When it happens, simply re-route. Re-decide and re-commit to the change you’re enacting and do it again.

Projection And Parenting

It’s so easy to project. Especially onto a nonverbal being. Who you’d really love to understand. You know, where you attribute your feelings or thoughts to someone else. You assume they think and feel the way you do. Or, more broadly, you see or treat them in a way that’s completely colored by your own stuff.

How to Become More Intelligent and Self-Confident

Your mission in life is to transform the wild side of your conscience into human working conscience. This is why the unconscious mind helps you develop your intelligence and sensitivity. Through dream analysis you pass through a process of transformation that activates all your psychological functions and hidden capacities. You become balanced and calm as you transform your violent reactions into wise behavior. You don’t need to spend any money on psychotherapy because the unconscious mind is your natural doctor. You also don’t need too analyze many dreams in order to understand the roots of your basic problems.

Self-Improvement and Personal-Growth

What do you do when you are at your wit’s end and it seems that you don’t know what to do? That was me two months ago.

You Don’t Hate Yourself

I don’t believe that anyone wants to feel badly. We just don’t always know how to feel good. We get stuck in patterns. Our brain gets in its ruts and we don’t know that we can get ourselves out by changing our focus. Changing our focus and then re-deciding and re-committing when we mess up.

Avoidance – A Useful Coping Strategy, Or Is It?

Avoidance is a defense-mechanism learned to protect us from dealing with issues that are too hot to handle. Most of us grow up in families where we, at least occasionally, get angry and upset with a situation that we can do nothing about. There are a limited number of methods that we can use to cope with those upsets and one of the most successful is avoidance.

Decision Making – What You Must Think About Before You Act

You must think about all of your decisions that you can possibly make any choice. How old you are, your life experiences, the job you go to every day, and your role in your family all play a deciding factor in what decisions you will make. You must bring all relevant knowledge and information to the table before making a decision, especially on an important matter.

Making Decisions for Your Future – Why You Must Do This Now

You should try and make decisions for the future whenever you can. You can do this by setting up basic guidelines and rules that you and your family will follow. By doing this, you leave the room for discussion when trivial issues arise. You will not be able to talk yourself into allowing something to happen you know is best that it does not.

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