5 Minute Meditation to Feel Good Right Now!

Benefits of Using Music for Fast Learning

They say music helps us a lot. What are the benefits we can get from music for us to learn fast?

Change Your Life – Are You an Evergreen or an Annual?

We all go through different seasons in our lives and our perspective and attitude towards these changes are what determines whether we’re annuals or evergreens. We could look at life from the negative and become depressed and withdrawn or we could look for the positive in every situation, no matter the conditions, and experience the warmth of sunshine in the middle of our winter season.

Change Your Life – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Freedom

How many times have you attempted to come out of your comfort zone but have been paralyzed by fear only to retreat into your shell? Face the fear, look it square in the face and keep moving forward to safety. For your comfort zone is only there to keep you bound and limited and not experience total freedom but only a facade of safety.

Tips for New Year Resolutions

It is a tradition to make new year resolutions in January. However, many people find it difficult to stick to the decisions taken. But you have everything to gain if you persist in keeping your resolutions active throughout the year.

What’s Inside That “Bag” of Baggage You’re Carrying?

Have you ever taken the time to look inside the bag of baggage you carry with you everywhere you go in life? This is a new year; it’s time to toss out the “stuff of life” that has weighed you down for years. Yes you can sever from your life things that have sucked the life, joy and motivation out of you for far too long…are you ready? Let’s do it!!

How EFT Relates to Our Vibrational Frequencies and the Law of Attraction

For those familiar with the Law of Attraction, which simply states that like attracts like you know the importance of being cognizant of your emotional vibrations and where you are on the scale. For those new to this concept let’s explore how EFT (emotional freedom technique), and being in vibrational balance correlates, and compliment each other. To begin lets take a look at what the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has taught the western world about energy and its flow.

Self-Awareness is Key at Home and at Work

On anyone’s quest of personal growth, self-awareness is paramount. It’s about having a clear understanding of our personal strengths and weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, values, principles and motivations.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Read a true story of how someone racked up credit card debt with no intention to pay it back with the misguided belief, its OK. How theft and those looking for short cuts to make money never beat the system. The only way to be successful and wealthy, is to serve others.

Power and Success Connection

In Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Hill says power and success are practically synonymous terms and that one grows out of the other. We have seen many people with power, who didn’t achieve success but failure, and we’ve see successful people lack sufficient power, so what is the connection and how do we develop it for the positive in both areas? Knowledge is potential power that when acted upon becomes power, this power when used in harmony with ones surrounds and colleges will bring great success. When you become successful at something and treat that success with respect and remain in harmony with your surrounds and those around you, you will attract power.

Organized Effort

Another source of power is organized effort, efficiently organizing workers, supplies, production, time, skills, training, and many more potential resources. Take a look at some of the more successful business around and you’ll notice the efficiency at which they operate in all areas of their structure. Merging business or groups can be a very powerful way to increase your power and resources, but if handled incorrectly without harmony and cooperation could lead to complete destruction as well. Knowledge by itself is generally not organized and is not power as many have a habit of saying. Knowledge is potential power and requires two steps in order to become true POWER. First you need to organize the knowledge you have or seek, libraries do an amazing job at this, and in this age of computers knowledge is even more organized and readily available; second that knowledge must be acted upon, it requires ACTION.

The Keys to Success in Life – 5 Steps

People who achieve success in life have not been “lucky” along the way. Success usually goes hand in hand with having goals, determination and taking action. Many of us take a lot of time thinking about the big questions like “how do I get rich” and “finding life purpose” and don’t know where to start on the road to success. Read the guidelines in this article for achieving success on your terms.

The Benefits of Crystals

‘Crystals’ have been used for thousands of years, to help people to heal, balance and find greater harmony in their lives, maybe since the beginning of time. Ancient tribal cultures used stones and ‘crystals’ as sacred objects.

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