5 Minute Meditation to Boost Your Mood

Practicing the Power of Now – 5 Simple Strategies To Get Into The Present

What exactly is the power of now? This power of the present instant, NOW, is the release from fear which allows us to access our own conscious, higher presence. It is the release from identification with our mind; our past conditioning and self-concepts, beliefs, limitations, judgements and guilt – our sense of self as being small, separate and vulnerable. It’s freedom from the delusional belief that you are your mind.

Personal Development – The Law of Time

Personal development is being able to take charge of your own destiny. Personal growth is what makes people change levels. You don’t expect to succeed if you are not willing to make some changes. So many people today have remained on the same level for too long. The reason for this is that they are not ready to make some adjustments. In this article, I will show you how the law of time can help you develop yourself.

Adab Is The Single Stone On Which The Inverted Pyramid Stands

Adab is the foundation stone of developing the essence of ones being such that one can grow in an opening manner to receive ever increasing wisdom using the inverted pyramid as the analogy. As the pyramid continues to grow, it gets wider and wider until it is so wide it can encompass all things and all things rest within it.

Ascension and The Dimensions

You were born into a third-dimension reality of limitation and scarcity but it is your choice to realize and break free from these artificial constraints. Spending more time in the fourth and fifth dimensions through right brain activities creates a different reality for you as confusion and fear falls away. Imagine living in harmony with ALL while expressing and living from your true self. This reality awaits you now!

Personal Development – 3 Most Important Boosters to Expose Your Potential

Responsibility is the price one has to pay for greatness. Personal development is actually working towards achieving your intended goals. There are things to do to make life better if you don’t want to stay on the same level. This is what we are going to look at in this article.

Our Most Important Assets To Manifest Your Vision – Imagination, Choice, and Discipline

How do you move from where you are now in your life to living your vision for your life? Why is it that some people seem to get there and others don’t? The keys to living your vision lies in understanding the power of purpose and your vision. Understanding the nature of discipline in living a purpose. Your vision is a source of discipline.

Defence Mechanisms: Which Ones Are You Using?

Our defence mechanisms often serve a useful purpose. In the short term, all are designed as coping mechanisms. However, as time goes by, our defence mechanisms can work against our ability to manage and cope, keeping us from facing the reality of our choices and situation.

The Healing Power of Self-Awareness: Its Importance for Your Personal Growth and Relationships

Awareness and healing are two complementary processes. Awareness leads you to the healing process, and the healing process guides you to a greater awareness. Until you become aware, you often don’t feel the need to heal. Becoming aware enables you to embark on the healing process, de-activate the power a host of factors exerts over you and move forward to making the necessary changes leading to personal growth and a satisfying relationship.

Handle Your Temper, But Not At The Expense Of Principles

Human nature is often such that either people are too doctrinaire or far too footloose when it comes to maintaining their principles. Far too many individuals equate necessary compromise with being agreeable all the time. Our greatest leaders have always known that in order to be maximally effective, they needed to maintain absolute integrity, and this required an attempt to please, but never to appease by selling out one’s principles.

How Is Your Mini-Me? Part 2

Unmet needs in childhood, such as inadequate nurture, security, love, attention, and encouragement become drivers of behaviour in adult life. The more neglected these needs are in childhood the needier Mini-Me can become. Whether the Adult self is aware of their needy Mini-Me or not, Mini-Me will do everything they can to get these needs met.

Quit The Blame Game For Personal Growth

The majority of people in this world blame other people, their parents and the government for their failures, and make that the reason of why they cannot succeed in life. Well allow me to share with you the cure to this problem, and free yourself from the “blame game” prison.

Jesus Is the Way to Real Personal Development

The kind of thoughts you entertain now will determine where you will be tomorrow. God is the way to a good and successful life. If you spend your days pondering on the word of God, no problems will look big in your eyes any more. How do you see yourself? Do you get depressed when faced with problems?

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