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Arrogance – Not Presumption

It is essential that a practitioner of an art, especially a mortal art such as swordsmanship, attain a level of consciousness that will require arrogance, not presumption, to enable the raising of oneself above a previous level of accomplishment that appears impossible to transcend. This arrogance must be based on knowingness that comes from the desire to be, not to become, a master-regardless of devotion to and time in training.

Successful Change Requires That You Defend Yourself From Outside Temptations

In order to increase the probability that your defenses will hold, you need to learn to defend in areas where there is little or no attack. In other words, if you want to successfully incorporate permanent and lasting change into your life, you need to take your stand on ground that cannot be lost.

The Laws of the Ego

We live in a world where laws are constantly being created or re-written. Each one of these laws is meant to make the madness in this world conform so that we can feel safe. Most would agree it is not having that effect as we still live in fear about what will happen. From A Course in Miracles (ACIM), there is an explanation as to why this is occurring. The ego has an operating system, or a set of laws, that are judgments running the status quo. Since all judgments are based in fear and guilt, which is chaos, these laws doom everything from the start.

Springtime Within

Refreshed, Reborn, springtime, Awakenings, Blooms, Blossoms. These are all very good terms to describe spring. It is our chance to start anew, fresh and give ourselves a second chance each year to be reborn and thus, reparent ourselves in the manner to which we think we deserve – lovingly with kindness and understanding. We all deserve that!

Successful Change Requires Doing The Unexpected

Tacticians who become masters at doing the unexpected will always catch their opponents and their competition “off guard.” By constantly doing the unexpected, your opponents and your competition will not be able to foresee your actions.

How Can You Get More Done? How to Use The 2 Sides of Action And Break The Grip of Procrastination!

One way to lose your motivation, is to concentrate on a huge ‘to do’ list, with project after project staring you in the face. Or even to look at an ‘entire’ project that may take hours or days to complete. Keep your motivation and desire to get going by using 15 blasts and 10 minute breaks. Here’s how…

Creator or Creation?

Before I start, I need to let you know something about myself. I like things to be simple, understandable and believable.

Developing the Ideal Self Through Role Models

Can we say anything good about Alexander the Great? This may seem odd. It’s fashionable after the event to speak well of conquering tyrants (Hitler excepted): what a splendid leader Napoleon was, and how amazing Julius Caesar was – why he even came to England, the first wave, and wasn’t that civilising for us all (apart from the dead)? And Alexander stands supreme in this genre; but we need to bear in mind that in his magisterial book, Alexander the Great, Robin Lane Fox quotes estimates of some 750,000 people dying in Asia alone as a result of Alexander’s progress – his triumphs. And that isn’t even as if they died through taking a sleeping-tablet. After the siege of Tyre, Alexander, to teach his enemies a lesson, had two thousand men crucified. And yet when we speak of him, truly, there was something great about him that outside of his very greatest opposites, namely, spiritual leaders – Jesus, David, Moses, Buddha and so on – does the deserve the epithet ‘Great’. Yes, he seems to have been a psychopathic nut-job, but so much else besides – so complex, and driven that few compare with him.

Success: What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

The word success is widely used in today’s world and it is something that is sought after by many people. People from all backgrounds and walks of life are driven to attain success. And through the media and other means, we are constantly exposed to people who are successful in certain areas.

Take It Back – Whatever ‘It’ Is

Decide what’s missing from your life and get it back. The time for what you want is now. Here are a few suggestions on taking it back.

Stories Of The World That Changed Our Lives

In times before the written word telling stories was the only way of passing wisdom down through the ages. Troupes of entertainers would travel the land performing plays and telling tales of what was going on in the world, they were the early equivalent of the news broadcasts that we know today.

Lessons People Should Learn – But Don’t!

Becoming aware of what you were not aware of until now is the only way for you to initiate a conscious change in your behavioral patterns. Such a change will enable you to stop behaving in self-sabotaging ways and free yourself from your fear of anger, rejection or whichever fear has become part of the self-image you have created for yourself.

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