5 Minute Meditation for Positive Thinking

The Number 1 Kept Secret in The World

This top secret can sometimes create painful consequences. It has been linked to cases of suicide and murder.

Procrastination, ADD, and Not Feeling Good – How To Stay Focused

Having trouble getting focused? The key is to determine those things that prevent you from staying focused, and working on solutions to rid yourself of those obstacles. Sometimes the solution is as simple as improving your sleep or keeping lists.

To Experience Real Change, You Need to Really Change – 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Started

Are you the most effective you can be in every area of your life, or are there certain areas you want a change but not sure how to begin? The 4 questions to ask yourself to get started on the road to real change.

Talking Back to Your Critical Inner Voice

Critical inner voices can be detrimental to you in a number of ways that could limit you personally or professionally. Depending on the nature of that voice, it may be interfering with your relationships. For example, Don’t be vulnerable and get too close to someone or you’ll get hurt. If you listen to that inner voice, you’ll pull back and find it difficult to have a strong, healthy relationship. Your critical inner voice will become a self-fulfilled prophecy and even harder to dispel once it’s been reinforced.

Six Steps to Breaking Through Your Barriers

These six strategies can help you break through the barriers that keep you from reaching your goals. They worked for me, and I know they can work for you too.

I Don’t Know

Sometimes we erect walls in our brains that effect the way we think. Only by coming from a different direction can we get around the wall and tear it down. We need to be careful about our thinking and what we think about, to keep blank walls out of our thinking ability.

How to Let Go of Fear

Fear is an interesting topic I have been investigating for many years now. My original obsession of what makes people successful led me to study the effects of fear and the emotions on our physical body and the impacts of those emotions on the life we create for ourselves.

Perception Is Relative

All things are relative to one another and are neither good nor bad. It’s when you form an opinion that you create meaning.

Make Your Life Successful, Ordered and Happy!

Life should be enjoyable and happy; however, when your life begins to feel unhappy and out of control, you can turn things around with a few simple hints that will help you to take control again and reduce stress and anxiety. • CHANGING YOUR DIET If your diet has too much red meat in it, too many caloric foods or maybe your portions are too much, there are some simple and easy things you can do that will not only make you feel better but will also bring better health to you such as eating more…

Feeling Good – Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide

There really is nothing more important than feeling good. If you think that’s a bit of a sweeping statement, just tell me what you think is more important.

Seeking Advice or Desperate for Attention?

When you turn to a friend in a time of need, and you share with them your misfortune, are you seeking advice and comfort, or are you simply desperate for attention? A plea for help is not always as it appears to be.

The Attitude of Resilience

Have you ever had a piece of fried chicken? I bet you have. Have you ever eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken? Read on!

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