5 Minute Meditation for Positive Energy

Walk in Boldness

Last year was my first year going to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I was invited to join this group of amazing seasoned psychotherapists from around the world. Mary Goulding (one of my teachers) started this group more than 25 years ago.

Personal Development – The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

Personal development starts from the formative years and continues to the end of your life. Personal development training is designed to help individuals learn and develop their personal and professional skills and abilities. The courses help to inspire individuals and equip them with the tools to operate to the best of their ability. The courses are available as public open courses, in house training or online.

Realizing Your Authentic Inner Power Is The Key To Happiness

In the world we have always been in search of happiness, and today more so than ever before, we are realizing that authentic inner power is the path to happiness. Leaders of spirituality and inner peace going way back have phrased that happiness comes from within. It seems that as time progresses and as we humans grow from within, we’re finding true meaning of life at our inner core, and learning to reflect that abundance outwardly. This state of reflection principle is what the most highly effective individuals who have ever been among us have learned to live by. As we open our minds more and more as time goes by, we’re seeing that this is how successful people grow.

Fog Is Only Temporary, Yet The Present Moment Is Always Alive In You

Why are you here on this earth? What is your purpose, if you associate yourself with one? Rest assured this is not an existentialist treatise but something simpler. These types of questions are popular in every culture. The journey called life with its twists and turns is quite a trip. We trudge along through childhood to adulthood experiencing a various events while learning, growing, falling and getting up again.

Aligning With Your Authentic Happiness Is The Key To Success

A source of happiness in life can be realized in humanity’s own creations. People are producing things for their joy, convenience, inner happiness, peace of mind and survival. In search for happiness may be the common thread in all human creations. People have actually created some things specifically for joy– sports and games, food and drinks, TV and motorcars, aircrafts, and ships. And, of course, there is money and all the services and things one might purchase with it. A single genre of literature, a single instrument of music, a single school of dancing, suffices to fill us with joy as a source of happiness in life.

How To Find Happiness By Using Mindful Messages

The idea of make life better is on all our minds. We constantly thrive for a better life, and may pray or meditate on; how can I improve my life? Of the things to do in life for how to find happiness is through affirmations. I mean these spirited thoughts are great tools that can assist you to get rid of worry, build your self-confidence, and bring forward the Truth of the abundance you possess within. The Course in Miracles states, “You do not recognize the enormous waste of energy you expend by denying truth.” At the Transformation conference a fellow speaker the day before me gave a list of great affirmations to use for different reasons for things like make life better.

Personal Goals Achieved Easier For A Better Life

Having measurable goals and objectives are so very essential to living a life of purpose and passion. Far too often in life when we are ambitious to reach a dream, perhaps it’s setting goals at work, or other personal goals, we reach far too high too quickly. I’m going to share a quick scenario I heard told at a recent transformation conference that one of the other speakers talked about in his discussion about objectives of planning. Before a commercial plane takes off, the pilot has a really clear location in mind, and a flight plan to get there successfully. The plane leaves at a particular time, and begins towards a specific destination. The plane is off track, though, at least much of the time, while climate conditions, turbulence and other factors trigger this. Nevertheless, feedback is given to the pilot constantly.

Getting Through Tough Times When You Feel In The Dumps

Many of us have been through tough times in life, and can seem that life gets dark and sad where a term sometimes used, “Walking the dark night of the soul,” isn’t really far from the reality. It’s during these tough times in life a sense of isolation might be experienced. It might feel like there’s no-one around to provide comfort or support and we think to ourselves no-one understands’ and we feel in the dumps, a bit depressed. We begin thinking things like, “I’ve tried whatever,” or “Life seems to be against me,” and struggle to discover how to find even a spark of light within. This would be a pretty good time to seek for some spiritual help. The Course in Miracles teaches us about the Holy Spirit-our inner divine Self, often covered and obscured by the ego mind.

Procrastination Wastes Hours Of Your Time

If you are not careful procrastination can waste hours of your time every day. Technically a one-hour task could take you several hours if you procrastinate. When pertaining to academics, procrastination turns into cramming when it’s time to study for an exam. We all should know that this type of studying reduces the chance of you retaining the information for any amount of time.

Yes and No

It is important to protect one’s time and energy but also to be open to receiving the opportunities to put them in the right place. Through self-care and listening to our inner voices, we can learn the proper times and occasions for both.

Accomplishing Goals And Living Your Dreams By Taking Action Steps

It might not be a surprise to hear that negative thinking is one of the reasons why you may not be taking action steps to achieve goals and to achieve your dreams. Your life is constructed on your self-image, and that image will depend upon exactly what you tell yourself. When you select (and you do select) to engage in negative thinking you are choosing to think in your inability, which is the ego, instead of your possibility. But it’s not simply you! Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states, “Yet in this world your perfection is unwitnessed. There will be plenty of people in your life who are all prepared, eager and willing to spread out the doom and gloom over why things simply will not work for you.

Never A Failure, Always A Lesson

Never a failure, always a lesson is an approach that shows you that it never is the end of the road. Everyone fails in life. At one point or another in your existence, you are going to fail. It is inevitable! And although it hurts each time you do, it helps build you up into the person you are today.

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